Posted by: angelnorman | May 1, 2009

happy may day.

Thankful: for time with my little guy, inside the house and out.
Giddy: about Michelle finally asking her boy crush out. She’s been pining for what feels like years. (Really just a few months.)
Loving: the rain and thunder.
Impressed: with my playgroup. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such good and loving women. I really love them all.
Hopeful: that Nicholas’s first tball game doesn’t get rained out tomorrow.
Liking: The Y’s Parents Night Out offer for tonight 🙂 We may get to go out and it’ll only cost us $20!
Wanting: to garden. Or at the very least, to create a felt and fabric garden like this. Is that not the cutest?
Needing: to feel pretty today. I feel rather frumpy and I hate my hair. I want to chop it all off, despite the fact that my friend Jen likes it better longer 🙂
Wishing: that every day could be like today, with lots of smiles, laughs, conversations with good friends, and happy times.



  1. YAY for short hair!!

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