Posted by: angelnorman | May 14, 2009

Woof, pt. 4

 Dear Cesar Millan,

Can your dog Daddy please come over and play? I would love to spend all day hugging and kissing on his sweet little pit bull face.



Last week, my little family was obsessed with baseball. This week, we’re obsessed with walking. We love going on walks, especially with the dogs. I fully blame Cesar Millan and his incredibly awesome show for this sudden realization that we are sorry-ass pack leaders. We’re glad though that we realized this before it was too late to do anything about it. Now this family has a penchant for all things dog. Watching Dog Whisperer is probably our favorite night time activity, you know, other than eating bowls of cereal before bed and um, activities that are personal in nature.

I’ve taken lots of joy in Roscoe and Alex lately. I thoroughly enjoy having animals in my family. Walking for more than 10 minutes with them every day has helped me to recognize things that I probably wouldn’t have before, especially about Alex. He is incredibly high energy, something I have failed to notice in the past because, let’s face it, they’re always sleeping when they’re indoors. Lazies! But when his paws hit the pavement, that dog can move. I am fully convinced that he would pull me on rollerblades… if only I could skate. I want rollerblades like Cesar’s!

Roscoe is much lower energy and likes to stroll. He sort of saunters when he walks, maybe because of his weight but more likely because of his bad back and knee. Michael and I talked about not taking him on a walk every day anymore, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea. He is terribly out of shape, but has to keep exercising if he is to ever do anything about that. We always joke about how old he is, but 10 is nothing for a chihuahua. Some chihuahuas lives to be 15-17 years old. So he could still have 5-7 good years left in him, and I think that’s enough reason to keep him moving.

Anyways, Alex has become my little fitness buddy these last few days because I see in him the desire to go, to move. I have never felt like we had so much in common until this past week. I enjoy watching him work it, and I think he legitimately loves the challenge of walking on a leash at a quick pace. He would be the perfect candidate for agility training, actually. I can see him now, running through the flags and jumping through hoops. Roscoe would probably look at me like I was nuts if I asked him to jump through a hoop. Roscoe doesn’t run unless someone is chasing him… or unless he wants to chase somebody, like that unsuspecting unleashed dog down the street.

I think that they’re thankful, though, for all the exercise and the attention to their animal needs. And I am thankful too because it’s going to make me a better dog owner in the future. You can’t just love a dog. That’s not enough. They’re not people. They’re animals, and they have needs that are different than ours. You can’t just let them out to pee and think they’re getting enough exercise. You have to care for a dog, you have to train him or her by always keeping them active and calm submissive. You have to meet a dog’s needs, make sure it’s disciplined and balanced, and THEN you can give it affection. That’s Cesar’s way, and now it’s our way.

We’re so happy to have them in our lives and we want to make sure they’re here as long as they can be.


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