Posted by: angelnorman | May 27, 2009


It’s been a busy few weeks.

First, Michael was gone most of last week and all of my time was consumed by Nick and housework. I actually managed to get a lot more housework done without Mike here, which proves my point that Michael makes me lazier than I normally would be were he to not work from home. Seriously, I’ve said this since last June. Him being here also gives me too much of an excuse to not even try to impress him with my house-cleaning prowess. Second, on Saturday, Nicholas had his first t-ball game of the season. I’m not sure which team won, I don’t think anyone bothered keeping score. On Sunday, we drove to Dickson for a birthday party and got ourselves a puppy out of the deal. (Um.. yay?) Then on the way back, our car promptly decided it could no longer function the way it had been, which is to say that we could no longer put transmission fluid in it every few days and “make do”. We were stuck on 21st avenue in Nashville, of all places, very near to 440 with a smoking transmission that was leaking fluid faster than we could replace it and a new puppy. Miracle of miracles, we made it home safely, and then on Monday we bought a new(er) car which we named Pearl. (We kept our old car, just in case we ever get rich enough to get out of debt and fix it.)

Yesterday was Michael’s birthday and as my last blog indicated, we pushed Nick off on Mike’s parents and went to dinner and a movie by ourselves. We saw Star Trek, and though I’m not much of a fan of the show, I really enjoyed the flick more than I ever thought I possibly could and my heart even leapt for joy when the Enterprise swooped in. Hope that’s no spoiler for anyone that the ship swoops in at some point. Anywho, it was really good, and I couldn’t help myself. Mike looked over at me and smiled before whsipering, “Pimpin’.” Oh what geeks we are, and oh how much I love my geek who is now the ripe ol’ age of 32! (By the way… is it just me or is the new Capt. Kirk supa fine? Also, Sylar as Spock is perfect. I’m not sure what his real name is, I just know him as Sylar from Heroes. I’m too lazy to google it. But he’s a good actor, that’s my point.)

Trying to housebreak a puppy really sucks. Having Chewie the last couple of days has really made me appreciate Roscoe and Alex. They are fantastic dogs by comparison. Also? They really love one another. I noticed this last night when I had yelled at Alex for the 500th time yesterday about growling at Chewie. Alex pouted and curled up by Roscoe, who started licking his face. Then Alex licked Roscoe’s eyes. That’s what dogs do for one another in a pack by the way– they clean each other and care for one another. It is hard for me to imagine them doing this for poor little Chewie. It is becoming increasingly clear that the only one who accepts him as part of our pack is Michael. Even Nicholas, who whines anytime I loudly consider giving him back to Nicki, isn’t so sure that he wants him to be a part of our family. I am too tired of cleaning poop out of my carpet to like him much. I know that sounds terrible. It’s just that he’s a puppy, and although few things are cuter than a puppy–especially when he’s curled up in your arms and sleeping–, nothing could be less appealing than their seemingly unstable behaviors. Last night, Chewie was lying on my chest, “snuggling” (and I use this term loosely as every now and then, he would bite my fingers playfully). I was rubbing his fur and he was showing me his belly and all was well, but then he bit my ear. When I said, “Ow!” he moved to my hair, which he loves to attack. It’s like he’s so bipolar. He doesn’t know that there’s a time and place for playfulness or a time and place for affection yet. You can’t blame him either… he just needs to be taught.

But teaching a puppy anything is hard work, if you ask me. I would have much rather adopted a shelter doggy (though who knows if Chewie would have ended up a shelter doggy if my SIL wouldn’t have found a home for him.) I just like older dogs with spunk, not puppies with too much testosterone. Oh yes, he will be neutered as soon as he’s six months old.

Just thinking about my last few days makes me tired. So much on my mind.

I am not pregnant again this month. I also never got my period, although I had PMS-like symptoms all of last week. I am looking into changing my diet to a PCOS-supported one, one that will help me control my blood sugar and other health concerns, in the hope that it will boost my fertility or at least help me shed some more weight. I haven’t quite lost that 10% of my body weight that I’ve been secretly hoping to lose for the last two years yet. I am sort of depressed about the whole body/baby/reproductive system thing lately. I am just so tired of things not working, medicines not helping, and me not feeling good. I’m tired of being achy, of being moody, of being bloated.

I just want things to go smoothly for one year. ONE YEAR is all I ask. I think that isn’t too much to demand, really.

C’est la vie, though. No?

In other really great news (I like to end on a high note), I have made a new friend! Her name is Darla, and she is Michael’s first love. You know what? I really like her.



  1. interesting blog, all sorts of things to read about. ok, congrats on the new car, sorry the other had to break down on you to get it though. Wow, this puppy thing is really making me re-think us possibly getting Abby one for her b-day in July! I haven’t had a puppy for a long time, it’s slowly starting to come back to me! I wish you luck on the baby/weight loss body thing, i know it must be difficult! Wish I would have known you were in Dickson! it’s only about 30 or so min. from me! We are going to have to get together one of these days! Interesting about the new friend. It’s not weird it was Michael’s first love? anyway hope you have a great week!

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