Posted by: angelnorman | June 1, 2009

Farmer’s Market

 Nashville Farmer's Market

Yesterday, Mike and I took a little trip down to the Nashville Farmer’s Market where I purchased some super fresh produce and herbs (basil and rosemary) and went ga-ga over practically every plant I came across. It was a lovely day for the market! We had a great time exploring the area and enjoying some really awesome southern food, complete with tea that was so sweet, you couldn’t even tell it was tea- for lunch.

First of all, I am pretty sure I am rarely as happy as am I when I am perusing a nursery’s offerings. I will touch, smell, and stand in awe of every tree, shrub, flower, and fern that is being sold, I kid you not. This is exactly the reason why I do not have a garden or any sort of shrubbed landscape. There is no way I can go to a nursery and then pick one or two things to bring home and make my own. As I roamed the mulched pathways, I couldn’t help but want to purchase one of everything to make my backyard look just like what I was seeing. I could just imagine waking up every morning, having coffee on the deck, and then walking mulched pathways of my own… and I’d have a pond! And a fountain! And a swing under an arbor that had white bud clematis growing all over it.


Second, the market was bustling with all sorts of hungry patrons, picking out the best herbs and fruits possible. It was a really neat atmosphere to me, and if only I would have had a bench to sit on, I could have probably sat there all day and watched people make their selections. Seriously. That’s how much of a nerd I am. I watched one lady dig through 6 different baskets of peaches to find only the best ones. As I watched her, I imagined she was making a peach cobbler, and it made me so hungry that I bought some peaches of my own because OH MY GOD doesn’t peach cobbler sound so delish right about now? 

What’s that you say? Have I ever even made a cobbler? Uh… no.

Have I any idea how to make one? No.  But… but… I have a recipe that I am dying to try!

Hey, I was inspired and salivating, what else can I say?

The peaches smelled so good, too. So did the spearmint plants. Made me want to have mojitos real bad.

Lunch at Swett's

After we were done making all of our purchases (did I mention I bought farm fresh eggs that are white, brown, and blue? so stinkin’ rad!), we settled down for some lunch at Swett’s in the food court. Swett’s has been making good ol’ fashioned southern cuisine in Nashville since 1954. It’s the sort of food that is reminiscent of those Sunday dinners your grandmother might’ve made (or meals you might have dreamed your grandmother would have made perhaps), and it is completely mouth-watering. Best green beans I have ever had, I kid you not. Oh how it made me miss my Granny so bad. She was a good southern cook too, see. I still remember her salmon patties (I don’t like salmon patties, but I liked hers), her pot roasts, her mashed potatoes, and of course, her bitter fudge pies. I wish I wouldn’t have taken all those meals for granted because no one cooks like that anymore. Everyone is always so worried about fat and calories and such. I wonder if Granny ever went to Swett’s. No doubt about it, she would have loved it, because I swear it’s just that good. No one cooks like they cook in the south! I am a proud southern when it comes to food, can ya tell? Hehe. But yeah, you should try it. If you ever fly into Nashville, you have to go to their new airport location and get you some good homecooked foods. It’s delicious. Even the iced tea, which I normally do not like super sweet (I’m one of those weirdos who likes her tea unsweet with extra lemon), was perfect. Actually, it tasted a lot like the tea Granny used to make. Oh… back to Granny already?

I am missing her bad. The anniversary of her death is coming up and I can feel her with me a lot lately. Every fern I see, every little white butterfly that floats by, every sip of sweet tea I take, it all reminds me so much of her. Le sigh.

I can’t wait to go back to the Farmer’s Market though. I’m looking so forward to seeing more merchants throughout the summer.


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