Posted by: angelnorman | June 2, 2009

The Pottery Place

Tonight, we Normans ventured to our neighboring town, Murfreesboro, for a little bit of artistic fun.

On Tuesday nights, The Pottery Place at the Avenue, which is owned and operated by the same people who are responsible for Painted Clay Studio also in Murfreesboro, has a reduce studio fee and tonight we decided to take advantage of this half-priced offer. For $9 and the cost of our pottery pieces, we were provided with all the paint and tools we needed to sit and paint to our hearts’ content. Nicholas chose a dragon to paint. I picked up a couple of 4″ tiles, hoping to be inspired with my blank canvas, and Michael picked up a bowl for his cereal.

We sat and painted.

And painted.

And painted some more.

Best of all?

We were happy to express ourselves.

Don’t ask what mine is. I have no idea. I just let my brush do whatever. Mike said it reminded him of the big storm on Jupiter, ya know the giant spot you see when you look at typical images of Jupiter. I find that ironic seeing as how I have felt incredibly stormy inside lately and as a Sagittarius, I am ruled by the planet Jupiter. Maybe my subconscious is speaking out? Or maybe it’s all a big ol’ coincidence. Either way, we had a blast.



  1. Looks fun! There is also a place in Smyrna called Mary Michael Pottery, in the old Angel Image building on Old Nashville Hwy.

    Your hair looks really good.

  2. There is one in Monteagle, Tn too, at a cute cafe called Mountain Breeze Cafe & Coffee House. We were there for a weekend, at the Best Western off I-134 and stay in a cute cabin. The Cafe and pottery painting were in walking distance to our cabin.
    Not only did we have a great time painting on the deck out back, but the coffee drinks were very good. The prices for pottery were very reasonable.
    Kids loved the place. It’s quaint little place.

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