Posted by: angelnorman | June 5, 2009

scenes from a tea party, but not the political kind (well, not officially)

Me: So (taking a sip of my “coffee”) What do you think of President Barack Obama?
Nick: Hm, well I really want Johnna Cain (John McCain) to win. (Darn Republicans.)
Me: Yes, but he didn’t. And now Barack Obama is president, so what do you think of that?
Nick: It’s very cool. (Pours himself some more “coffee tea”)
Me: It is cool.
Nick: Yep.
Me: Let’s talk about gay marriage. Where do you stand?
Nick: What?
Me: Should a man get married to another man?
Nick: Yes! That would be so funny. Or what about a boy gets married to a dog? I could get married to Chewie and I’d be like this… (Crouches down as if he’s walking down the aisle with something super small.)
Me: But do you really think boys can marry dogs?
Nick: No. Only mommies and daddies get married. Dogs and boys don’t get married. I will grow up and be a man. And one day, I’ll have lots of kids.
Me: Do you believe in global warming?
Nick: What’s global warming?
Me: Do you think the Earth is heating up or not?
Nick: Um, it’s not.
Me: No? You don’t think the Earth is getting too hot?
Nick: Well it’s not going to blow up!
Me: It isn’t? How do you know?
Nick: (*thinking*) Well what if a butt comes and poops on it? Then the men can eat it and that would be so gross.
Me: This conversation is fascinating.
Nick: More coffee and sugar?

I love tea parties.



  1. this is hillarious!

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