Posted by: angelnorman | June 15, 2009

things i learned while in chicago

so i’m back home finally and readjusting to our normal routine. to be honest, this has mostly consisted of me doing much of nothing. housework is too overwhelming for me right now. mike made this huge deal when i talked to him on the phone last week about how he was going to clean up the house for me, because while he was in orlando, i went “above and beyond” (his words) with the housework and he wanted to show me that he appreciated it by maintaining that i guess. he promised me a clean house though. he broke that promise, just so you know. i think the only thing he did the entire time was the living room and kitchen. he says he did laundry, but there are three loads for me to fold in the laundry room. if by “did” he means “looked at”, then yes, okay. also, he fixed our guest bathroom toilet (YAY!) but made a huge mess of the door, walls, tub, and floor… and left it. and he didn’t go to the grocery, or discard gross things from the fridge, or water any of our houseplants save for one because “it looked the saddest”.

but… that’s okay. he tried, right? it’s the thought that counts, huh?


it just goes to show that if you want something done right, you should just do it yourself. hence what i will be doing today. and probably tomorrow… and the next day… and the next…

speaking of lessons learned, here is my list of things i learned while in chicago.

1. going on vacation for a week with your 4 year old and having no help is not fun.
2. i could really care less about chicago. big buildings are cool, but i’m not really much for the city-life.
3. i prefer the quiet, slow-paced life. i like beaches and zoos and no traffic.
4. sometimes, this girl just needs order and routine. spontanaeity is awesome until about day 3, when you realize you’ve made more plans than you’ve followed through on. then you’re all like, “shit! i haven’t even done anything touristy yet.”
5. all kids are crazy, especially without naps.
6. i can be a little crazy too if i don’t get to nap.
7. going anywhere with your best friend for more than 3 days may or may not be a bad idea if you’re one of those people who require a lot of down-time, like me. i may or may not have had my first ever disagreement with michelle. 14 years and just one argument that didn’t involve alcohol and her calling me “a mean drunk”. it was a good run i guess.
8. air mattresses are more comfortable than my bed. how gay is that? i was fine all last week and now suddenly i’m tense again. i have to get a new bed pronto!
9. cheese curds are awesome. cheese hats are awesome. lakes 5 minutes from downtown is awesome. free zoos are awesome. wisconsin makes me a happy girl.
10. i can’t go a week without missing home. or my non-cleaning, toilet-fixing husband.

now, i’m off to make some coffee, to sit at my kitchen table, and to make my to-do lists to keep me on track. i will blog all about the vacation, with photos, later. at some point.



  1. This is so cute and funny and I am still laughing about Mike’s “unfufilled promises” lol luv you, sweetie. So glad you enjoyed being over here yesterday, cause we were glad to have everyone, and wished al could have been here. always with love, your Nanners

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