Posted by: angelnorman | June 17, 2009

Day 3: Timber Ridge Resort


For our day 3, we pretty much sat around all day, napped on a normal schedule, and played in Krissy’s backyard. As someone who has always considered herself honest, I must admit that although I say I love to travel, I really don’t do it very well. Stepping out of my environment saps every bit of my energy, makes me more anxious/tense than normal, upsets my bowels and pretty much rocks my world. So by day 3, I had to have a coveted afternoon nap! I was seriously struggling from over-exertion and I knew deep down that all this go, go, go was not doing good for Nick either. To be perfectly honest, I’m not fond of overscheduling him for things. I know my blogs often show all these activities we do, but honestly, it’s really only about 1 family activity and one playdate per week. I am not the type of girl who likes to pack as many activities as she can into each and every day of her week… I need my downtime. I need space and room to just breathe and go with the flow. Like I have said many times in this blog, I think this trip really opened my eyes to how much more low key and laid back I’m becoming. While I am all for sharing in fun family activities with my kid, I like going slow and enjoying one experience at a time. I want to get everything out of what I’m doing now before I even think about moving on to other activities. I don’t enjoy planning out an entire week of fun in advance. (And I’m really not that organized.) I think that’s why it was so hard for me to plan this trip. I wanted it to be more go-with-the-flow, but Krissy and Michelle kept trying to encourage me to get out and explore because I’m a visitor and I need to see and do things if that’s what I came for, right? Right. Finally I just had to reassure them both that while I’m perfectly adaptable to any schedule, I prefer to have some down time. Luckily, both of them understood that and let me nap away my afternoon while they ran errands in town and Michelle visited her grandmother. 🙂

After the very refreshing nap, we all headed to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and more specifically, to a resort where Krissy’s friend owns a vacation condo. We all got free admission to their indoor waterpark, Moose Mountain Falls, thanks to this connection of Krissy’s, so we donned our swimsuits and jumped right in.

The place sort of blew my mind. There were two waterslides, a lovely lazy river, two hot tubs (one of which went outdoors, and since it was a cooler day, we took great advantage of this), a deeper swimming pool and an undeniably cool kid’s area with a zero-entry pool and a couple of fun pint-sized waterslides. Nick had a blast wading around the place… he even enjoyed our ride on the lazy river, although I barely fit into the float (I stood up and the float stayed snug around my belly. Luckily for me, it did the same to Michelle, who is several sizes smaller than I am, or I might’ve developed some self esteem issues.) He liked wearing his life jacket and was a confident swimmer as usual no matter what the depth of the water. It was so awesome.

Later that night, we had a late dinner (take-out from Chili’s) and sent the kids to bed. Afterwards, we gals stayed up till 1 AM watching movies, having some girl talk, and laughing our heads off. It was pretty much like having a really awesome sleepover, only without the drama of one person being mad at someone else and everyone having weird tension. (Did your sleepovers go that way when you were a kid? It never failed that at almost every sleepover I attended, someone would feel like a 5th wheel or whatever and would be all hormonal and crazy. Even I behaved that way, I can remember it. I was a bit of a diva back then, all sassypants-ing it around. I guess a lot of people were though.) Anywho, Krissy introduced us to the movie Super Troopers and to Wii Fit, which is what inspired me to buy one! We had great fun listening to Michelle make claims that she could do everything and then watching her fail. We laughed so hard at her attempt to hula hoop. She was totally making squares with her hips… classic! It was a really lovely night, made even better because it was spent with two of the loveliest ladies I know.



  1. No day 4???

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