Posted by: angelnorman | July 5, 2009

Thug life.

This week has been cuh-razy! We have had plans every single day, and you know me. Things do not sit well with me when I am under pressure to do a lot in such a little time. It gets under my skin to not have time to unwind, I guess. So I think I might’ve overreacted a bit to some gossip being spread about me at some point this week by putting out an APB on Facebook letting the bitch know I would not be trifled with, which got rave reviews from many people, including my cousin Rachel who applauded my ghetto-ness. And I want to sort of clear it up a bit, you know, to make myself feel better.

I am not normally ghetto. Despite being from East Nashville, I have no street cred. I don’t even talk much shit because I’m not really a confrontational person. I dislike drama, and dramatic people, and I always say that it doesn’t matter to me what people think about me because I know who I am. But really, that last part is sort of a lie because underneath this tough exterior, I can be a little bit insecure too. A little bit. I do indeed care that people may or may not be hearing and believing lies about me. I understand that this is going to happen, though. I’m not so naive to believe that everyone is going to love me all the time. I guess I just feel like, if you hear something a little iffy regarding me, I’d prefer you just ask me about it before you make your judgments because I don’t like being judged unfairly. But that’s life, right? Unfortunately, I can’t ask this of everyone and people are going to judge me. Haters gonna hate, after all. It’s what they do.

There is only one thing I want to clear up right now though. I know I’m a good person. I treat everyone with respect and offer my sincere love and kindness to anyone who needs it whenever I can. I tried really, really hard for years to be good enough for one person in particular but recently I grew tired of that. There are so many people in my life who appreciate me for what I am, and those are the people I want to give my time and attention to now. See, I no longer want to be judged based on things I didn’t do, but things I’ve done. My friends all just so happen to not hold over my head all the things that I don’t give to them. Instead, they focus on the goodness that I do share with them, and that is why they are my best friends. That is why I love them 🙂

So there you have it.



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