Posted by: angelnorman | July 8, 2009

things i love

because i’ve been in a bad mood like every day for the past month, i thought i’d take some time to share with you some happy things that i’ve come across lately and/or things that i love in general. here goes nothing.

1. red nail polish. i think every woman should have some and at least occasionally wear it, maybe just on her toes, and mainly for her husband. i think there is no sexier color than red.

2. vintage inspired dishes. some people might say i’m sentimental, but honestly, i’m a lot like my grandmother in that i like pretty things. more specifically, i like girly pretty things. vintage floral dishes like these make me happy. also? these.  (yay tracy porter!) 🙂 oh, but i’d kill to have this china. unfortunately i never registered for china when i married because 1) i eloped and 2) i didn’t really care about things like that then. i guess i love dishes too much to ever settle on one set for long, though, especially one set that i’d have to sell a kidney to buy and do i really love birds that much? right now, yes. but for forever? doubtful.

3. vintage anything. i like things that speak to me, and often times, the voices i hear the loudest are from the styles of eras gone by. i think it reminds me of innocence, and of my beloved grandmother too maybe. i wish i knew what her living room looked like in every decade. i wish i had a picture of her in every year from 1919, when she was born, to 2004 when she passed away. i would make an entire art collage out of those pics, if only i had them.

speaking of vintage, and of Granny, i came across this vintage hair how-to and it made me sad that my hair was thin and lifeless and could not do that no matter how much i’d love to try it. also, it’s a bit short. but oh, i love me a good pin curl. when i was a kid, my Nanny (other awesomest grandmother in the world) would pin curl my hair anytime i spent the night with her on a saturday night so that i would have the cutest hair at church the next morning. i always loved it. even when i said i didn’t, i really did.

couldn’t you just imagine my grandmothers (or yours, whatever) styling their hair like this? and i complain about the time it takes me to blow-dry and style! psssh. although, now that i think of it, perhaps that’s why my grandmother kept her hair in constant pixie-cut the last decade of her life. perhaps she’d had enough of the styling she did to impress her groom in the 30s. (also, the thin, lifeless hair thing runs in the family.)

(by the way, i heart 13bees and read it regularly.)

4. pillows. i can’t get enough of pillows, especially in the bedroom. when my bed is fully made, it has a total of 12 pillows on it. i do not believe that “everything in moderation” is an adage that can be applied to the subject of pillows, or even to comfort. pillows are lovely things! currently, i’m a little obsessed with these pillows, especially the one called “the green circles tree”. oh my. (but i’m pretty sure i could make that, or at least a suitable replica.)

5. loudon wainwright’s “grey in LA”. it’s one of my favorite songs lately, despite being a few years old.

6. this bathing suit. i love, love, love the vintage halter style bathing suits, but i can never find one that’s not a tankini. this one’s my dream suit, though i really like it in wine and in polka dots too.

7. balloons. lots and lots of balloons. i read nienie’s dialogues pretty religiously (and cjane too!) and i was smitten with this entry: summer birthday brunch. nothing says it’s a party quite like balloons to me. in fact, last week when i hosted a small party for my aunt KK, i wanted to have balloons all over the place but my sister and mike voted against this (probably because they’d be the ones to blow them up as i get easily nauseous when i am blowing up balloons and no, i’m not sure why.) i mean, just look at those photos! doesn’t that look lovely? family, friends, good food, kids playing, sparklers, and balloons. so i made mike promise me that he would make sure to have a whole bunch of balloons for me on my 30th at the very least. someone else should tell him that sparklers wouldn’t be a bad idea either. neither would organizing a huge color fight. or a trip to mexico. or england. or someplace cool.

speaking of balloons, this made me smile.

8. the following quote:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Anonymous (advice given to Gil Bailie by a spiritual mentor)

(and with so many people focused on death lately, i can’t help but agree that we need more people who focus on being alive!)

9. dollhouses. i know, right? but last night i watched a part of the 1995 movie “babe” (you know, the one about the pig) and i was reminded of my love for dollhouses as i watched the farmer, whose real name escapes me, create one for his granddaughter for christmas. i cannot wait till i have a daughter who can play with a dollhouse with me. until then, i suppose i will have to make-do with the bat cave.

10. this cottage, but more specifically, its kitchen. how happy it looks! i want a yellow floor. seriously, that just makes me want to be there. maybe i’d cook more if i liked my kitchen…? doubt it, but i’ll bring this up to mike nonetheless when i try talking him into it.


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