Posted by: angelnorman | July 12, 2009

on my plate.

all weekend, i’ve been feeling an awful sense of– i suppose it’s dizziness– whenever i move too quickly. it seems to be getting better, but yesterday and even friday, were my worst days with it. if i were to jump off the couch in an effort to stop chewie from pooping in the kitchen or even if i were to turn my head too quickly to look at my child doing something cuter than cute, i would feel a sudden rush to my brain that honestly? made me feel a little like i was buzzed. like, it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to and take in what i’m seeing, if that makes sense. it’s just an overwhelming rush all the sudden that makes me feel dizzy for a few seconds and then subsides. and i promise you i’ve done no legal or illegal substances to make me feel this way.

or have i? i started trying to put the pieces together last night and this is what i’ve come up with. it’s all because of cymbalta.

see, i sort of ran out of my cymbalta on wednesday and didn’t bother with trying to refill it. i have not had it since then and unfortunately, i am experiencing a pretty common withdrawal symtpom, as according to the eMedtv’s website, “withdrawal symptoms happened in up to 44 percent of people who abruptly stopped Cymbalta” and dizziness effects up to 12 percent of people who abruptly stop. well, while it’s nice to have an explanation of these seemingly random symptoms, i’m a little bit concerned about restarting the drug now.

i’ve read in various places that cymbalta has proven no more effective for treating generalized anxiety disorder than a placebo. (and honestly, i’ve always wondered if maybe i could just take something natural and feel the same way, like a multivitamin or some sort of natural remedy for depression/anxiety.) likewise, i’ve read that it’s a category c antidepressant, which means it’s not approved for use in pregnant women unless in extreme cases where the benefits to the pregnant mother outweigh the risk to the fetus. i have a really hard time with this information, especially since my doctor prescribed the medication to me on the SAME DAY (like minutes afterwards) that she prescribed clomid to me. it doesn’t seem right. i mean, sure i went in there and cried to her about all my aches and worries but really? was it extreme enough to warrant putting any potential fetus in harm’s way? not really. it was just a really shitty year last year, you know, because my kid could’ve died while under the knife and all. things were hectic and stressful and i needed something, sure, but why not something safer? these are the questions i have now. and quite frankly, after feeling dizzy for two days at random times, i’m a little pissed that i didn’t put more thought into it. i was just so overwhelmed and now that i’m not, i need answers. and i demand better care!

so i think i will be going to see whomever replaced my ob/gyn this week and getting all this mess straightened out because really? i’m not pleased with the medical care i’ve been getting anyways. take THAT, dr. wise. (not that she cares as she is officially RETIRED– at what? 35 or something? must be nice, right? heh.)


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