Posted by: angelnorman | July 16, 2009

insurance schminsurance.

dear castle dental,

you can bite me.



today i went to lunch with a friend and casually brought up how frustrated i was with trying to find a dentist. see, we have aetna DMO insurance. just as it is with aetna medical insurance in this town,  not many places accept that and those that do are either chain dentistries like castle or are… how should i put this? dodgy. like i don’t want to go to a dentist located on db todd in nashville. that may sound incredibly biased, but db todd is the projects, ya’ll. and i don’t want to drive through the ghetto to go to a dentist. so mike and i have just not gone. we selected a dentist we knew nothing about because we had to name a primary care dentist, but we figured we’d just find a different one that we love later and make an appointment then.

well i’ve heard a lot of great things about creekview dentistry in smyrna. drs. nash and nolan are rumored to be very awesome people, with an awesome staff, with a nice office where technologically advanced techniques are practiced. for an example, my friend who i had lunch with today was telling me that they use soundwaves to knock plaque off your teeth. (this was me: wha?) seriously, ya’ll, that beats all i’ve ever heard.  my bff ems goes there. my cousin stephanie goes there. everyone i talk to loves it.

… but they don’t take my insurance. in fact, no one in smyrna or murfreesboro does except for castle and embassy.

so i called embassy to get nick an appointment. he needs his first ever check-up still because like i said, we were trying to find a dentist and also, i’m a little bit of a slacker in case you don’t follow this blog or know me personally. yes, he’s almost 5 and he’s never been to the dentist. shut up. they sweetly told me that they do not see anyone under the age of 6. while i was a little miffed, i moved on quickly and called castle. someone by the name of yvonne was omg rude to me. “hold a sec,” she said when i asked if they saw children under the age of 6. finally she returned and said, “well, we do see children, but if he’s not cooperative, then we can’t do anything about him.”

excuse me?

“so what then,” i asked, “am i supposed to do if my crappy insurance isn’t accepted elsewhere but you guys won’t even try to put some effort into him?”

“try a pediatric dentist?”

i was flabbergasted. “okay, well aetna doesn’t give me a list of pediatrics to choose from, just generalized dentistry. so what should i do about that?”

“you should try joanna keys in murfreesboro,” yvonne said to me. are you seriously fucking referring me elsewhere?

i let her go and was like, wow. just… wow.

finally i called aetna and made them give me a list of dentists for nick. they were nice enough, but the only two places i could take him were either in mt. juliet or franklin. and she acted all put out, she was like, “you can find this info on the website.” oh, can i? then why the frick wasn’t it there? i looked. i’m not dumb. even mike looked. also, let’s not refocus the blame here. you’re just a shitty insurance carrier, and that’s not my fault. don’t take it out on me because you have two people in my area who will see my kid but i couldn’t find that info online. pssh. i cannot believe how shitty the insurance is that no one will accept it. and to my husband’s employer: normally i wouldn’t complain because you’ve been an awesome employer from what i can tell, but seriously? get some better insurance options for us! for real.

so after all this frustration, i called snodgrass king in franklin, and the receptionist there assured me that despite what aetna had told me, they had a location in the boro. stupid aetna doesn’t even have stuff right on their lists… how am i supposed to find this info on my own?! pfft.

finally, the appointments were made. i called embassy again and made mine and mike’s appointments. i got to talking to the lady there and told her about castle. i said, “i called castle and…” immediately she responded with, “i’m sorry.” haha. so apparently she hears this a lot. she and i laughed about it, and then she assured me that if nick goes to snodgrass king and does fine, embassy would try to see him before he was 6. they just prefer kids get used to the dentist with pediatric dentists who are more equipped and focused on that age group, she said. it sort of makes sense, but i feel it’s way unnecessary. i don’t think nick is going to have any issues. he’s a good kid, and despite having been stuck numerous times with needles or having several surgeries, he’s still not afraid of the doctor. he even wants to be one, he says. still, i appreciated (kim i think?) discussing it with me and making me feel good about things. she took the time to listen to me whine, and i appreciate it. 🙂 being a mom is tough enough… we shouldn’t have to deal with anything but politeness from our kids’ doctors and dentists offices, don’t you think?

i hope embassy doesn’t suck. i get so afraid to visit the dentist anyways, i couldn’t imagine seeing someone sucky! i’m just glad i learned that castle was shitty before i wasted my time visiting their office or giving them any of my money.



  1. You know I think the Snodgrass/King in the boro sees adults too. We used the one in Franklin. Hope you like it!

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