Posted by: angelnorman | August 10, 2009

twenty things i heart about you.

see last year’s “twenty things about you” here.

Nicholas, self portrait.

Self-portrait, Nick Norman. August 2009.

1. i heart your laughter. the sound of your giggle can melt my heart and cheer me up even on my worst days. there is no sweeter sound in the world.

2. i heart your sense of wonder. you are so curious about the world around you, and i really dig that you love to learn as both of your parents consider themselves “knowledge-seeking”.

3. i heart the way you say “thank you”. sometimes it sounds just like you’re two-and-a-half again, still saying, “nake you.” so sweet and nasally.

4. believe it or not, i heart your mood swings. as upset as they often make me, i see so much of myself in your bad moods. you and i share the same tempermament, see. when people make us mad, we pout and sulk and sometimes yell. while it’s probably not a good idea for me to admit this to you, that i love your mood swings, i cannot deny that i don’t occasionally want to laugh at your rotten moods. or applaud a good rant.

5. i heart that you’re still into transformers. tonight, you told me that your favorite toys were all your transformers, your Ben 10 guys, and Poley.

6. i heart that you’re honest with your feelings. tonight when asked what you thought about your new classroom, you said, “i don’t like it. it’s too different.” i’m impressed that you were able to make such a statement, really. maybe i expected you to be more superficial, and to pick out particular things- the different things on the wall, the different teachers, the different kids, the different toys, etc. to hear you say very plainly that it was all too different for your tastes was awesome. you’re so grown-up. and you’re so honest, and i personally place a huge importance on honesty.

7. i heart that you are always so complimentary. sometimes instead of telling me that you love me, you’ll say, “mommy, you’re pretty.” and it really makes my day, even after the 80th time in one day. i’m not quite sure when this began, but i think it was around early summer. the first time i recall hearing it was in chicago, actually. you just said, at random, “mommy, you’re pretty. i love you” and it was adorable.

8. i heart the way you’re so concerned about my emotions. when i am watching something that makes me cry on tv, you will almost always ask me if i am sad. even if i say that it’s a happy cry, you will hug me. your answer for tears are hugs. big, long hugs.

9. i heart that you still have the same best friends and that you love them as though they are family, though you can distinguish between family and friend.

10. i heart that you can recognize people’s automobiles. if we see a white car shaped like courtney’s, you always ask, “is aunt courtney here?” if we see a black SUV, you remark that it “looks like Gran’s vehicle”. you know that all your Papas/Grandpas/Diddys drive trucks, and you can describe each of them. i heart that you’re that clued in to the details.

11. i heart the funny things you say.

12. i heart the way you let me snuggle with you still, and how sometimes, you even let me sleep in your bed.

13. i heart that you like to help around the house. i think it’s fantastic, and i’d like to take all the credit for teaching you to clean up your toys at the age of 10 months. unfortunately though, you are not up to cleaning every day. but every now and again, you’ll come to me while i’m cleaning and say, “i am the best cleaner in the whole world. let me help you.” and of course, i welcome the help.

14. i heart your undying love for the beatles. THAT i can take all the credit for, thank you very much.

15. i heart the way you can order for yourself whenever we’re eating at a restaurant. and really, on that same note, i also heart the way you talk to adults in public more often. you are slowly but surely coming out of your shyness shell.

16. i heart the shyness you have left. i think it’s sort of endearing, really, because you’re a quiet, somewhat reserved kid and i think the shyness fits you.

17. i heart watching you take care of the dogs. yes, you still torment them with playing chase, etc, but you also feed them and make sure to keep them out of harm’s way. i love your love of animals, especially that love you have for all things doggy!

18. i heart the way you repeat me. the other day, you called me a “mean turkey” which is what i have called you during everyone of your fits for a year or two now. it’s no surprise that you picked up on it, but it made me laugh to hear what i say often coming out of your mouth.

19. i heart playing with you every now and then. i especially like the imaginative games, sans action figures. you can still serve a mean cup of pretend coffee, but now it’s just pretend tea with honey and milk. i love playing school with you, teaching you things and hearing you repeat them.

20. i heart the way that you still aren’t sure if time away from me and your daddy is a good thing or not. i heart that you like visiting your grandparents but miss us the entire time. i heart that your heart is still with me, how you are still somewhat clingy to me sometimes… no matter how old i feel like you’re getting and how fast.


You know:
– your entire alphabet by recognition, though you do not (and refuse to) sing the song
– how to count to 17 (you always stop there and we’re not sure why, though you have gone to 30 before. but just in case, we’ll say you only know to 17)
– how to spell and write your name, “Nick”. you do not know “Nicholas” yet.
– how to draw people
– how to draw shapes
– all of your shapes and colors
– how to play t-ball like a pro
– how to dress yourself from head to toe
– how to interpret numbers road signs
– your full address, minus zip code
– your phone number, minus area code
– your birthday

Nick wrote his name tonight. Twice.

(Yes. His K’s are backwards.)

You are currently trying to learn:
– the days of the week
– how to write and spell “Norman”
– the months of the year
– how to play soccer
– your zip code

You asked if you could learn:
– how to play the guitar
– how to play the drums
– how to swim without floaties

I cannot wait to read in another year, before you head to kindergarten, about how much you have changed and grown.



  1. This made me cry. I heart you both so much. I know all these things too. Well most of them especially the temper part. (HAHA) JK

    Thank you Lord for our Nicholas he is truly a blessing from you.

  2. Angel, some of this almost made me cry also, and I couldn’t stop until I read it all. Nicholas is a wonderful child, and very intelligent. He has two very good teachers in his parents, and as much as a great Mom I was, I am impressed in the way you and Mike seem to be so intertwined with your young one in just about all your aspects in life. Roy and I, as wonderful as we were as parents, we were, of course, involved lots in church and other people, as well. I see you and Mike have other friends, but most of them come from their children being friends with Nicky, it seems to me. Angel, he is beautiful, and I’m so glad he is coming out of his shell of shyness. And some day, he and I will have a closer relationship, I just know. Pop Tarts and I luv the little rascal so much, and are so touched by the wonderful way you are such a good mama to him. You laugh when he isn’t up to par sometimes, and so did I with my kids. And yes, he does have a temperment just like yours, but I can see he is a happy, happy little boy, even though I don’t see him as much as I should, it is very apparent to me. And I am so glad he has both you and Mike in his life to make it complete. God bless your sweet little family, and you and Mike continue on with your parenting as you have for nearly five years, and he will make a wonderful grown-up. Nope, it doesn’t seem like he should be nearly five to me either. okay, I’ve said enough. luv ya all, nanny

  3. One thing I forgot to say in the early remarks is what an extra-ordinary self-portrait he has made of himself. At least that is the way I take your remark under the picture. He took it himself, right? So precious. luv, nanny

  4. He did take the picture of himself, yes. He is somewhat of a pro at taking his own pictures. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words about my parenting. That is very sweet of you to say, Nanny. I can only hope to be as good of a mother/grandmother as you are.

    I “heart” you and Papa… and of course, you too Moma. 🙂

  5. Thanks for your nice reply about us being good grandparents. It is appreciated also. But it is so easy to be good parents and grandparents when your heart is so full of love for your sweet family. Right? always, Nanners

    Well, we “heart” you all too and all the rest of our loved ones.

  6. how sweet he thinks of me when he sees white cars. 🙂 i love him so much!!!

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