Posted by: angelnorman | August 12, 2009

stolen moments

who says i have to stop taking pics of him just because he’s taking more showers than baths these days?
i stole this moment without his knowledge. afterwards, he hammed it up for the camera but the pics were all “steamy” from the shower.

he looked really happy to be writing his name, so i got my camera.
he stopped looking happy shortly thereafter. luckily, i caught this picture on the upswing.

the final results of his labor, by the way.
he’s still trying to learn to spell his last name.
it’s very difficult for him to resist trying to spell it with an i instead of an o.
you know, because he’s so used to saying, “n-i-c-k”.
so when it’s time to spell his last name, he says, “n-i-no wait! i don’t know how to spell it.”
it’s very cute.
also cute? his struggle with staying between the lines.
his penmanship is horrible, yes?
he’s FOUR, you jerks. don’t judge him.

tomorrow (er, today) is his first day of preschool. this is different than mom’s day out, see. he will be attending four days a week versus the two of mom’s day out. he will also be in a state-licensed program with the motive of kindergarten preparation. he has to learn to spell and write and even read a bit this year. like, that’s what the handout about the curriculum says. he’ll be “evaluated” in both the fall and spring to see if he can recognize and write his first and last name, know all his letters and their sounds, write and identify numbers 1-10 (oy! he doesn’t write numbers yet!), and whether or not he knows the calendar (both days of the week and months of the year). can you believe that? he is an eager student, so i’m sure he’ll do fine. i just can’t believe that we’re already at that point, i guess.

i’m sort of in a spot of mixed emotions. on one hand, i’m really super excited for him because i know he’s going to learn so much and that he’ll love doing the science stuff especially. i cannot wait to hear him tell me about his days, about using the classroom’s microscope or playing with the class pet, a hermit crab. there is so much that i am excited about for him. on the other hand, however, i’m sad for myself. i know it’s selfish, but a part of me wishes i could just keep him at home. some might say, “oh but you can! just homeschool him!” but let’s face it. i lack the desired patience and discipline to do all that. they can teach him so much more than i could, and for that, i’m grateful! i am so thankful we are afforded this opportunity to send him to a school that i trust to teach him the principles of christianity as well as prepare him for kindergarten and beyond. we’re lucky to have that sort of financial freedom, really, and i know that.  so see, that’s why i can’t allow myself to be too sad about my baby growing and changing. one- he’ll learn amazing things that i probably didn’t learn till i was actually in kindergarten and two- it’d be like me telling God “no thanks” for the blessings He has given to me all because i’m reluctant to let go of my baby and let him grow according to God’s plan. so there you have it. i’m over it.

sort of.



  1. Angel, I really enjoy reading the things you write about Nick and family life. It is almost like reading a wonderful book that has characters in it that I recognize and reminds me of days of yore in my own past life. My children were the most precious things in my life and it obviously is with you also. Then the grandkids which I got to be such a big part in their lives also, (praise the Lord for that fact) but now I feel a little bit of the “empty nest syndrome” if that is possible at this time in my life. Your writing is so interesting and I will look forward to reading Nick’s day by day exploits you record. luv you all sweetie, Nanners

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