Posted by: angelnorman | August 13, 2009

dear mike.

dear mike,

please stop using my good towels to clean up dog accidents and otherwise grody things that i can’t mention on my blog without grossing people out. we have cheap old towels for that. for the last time, they’re in the laundry room, on the top shelf. if i see another of my good towels stained with dog urine, i’m going to strangle you with it. or i’m going to start using your favorite t-shirts to wipe my butt. seriously.

also. the decorative hand towel from nick’s/the guest bathroom DOES NOT go in the dish towel drawer. it is NOT a dish towel. in fact, if you look at it, you will see it’s much too big to go in that drawer anyways. if you can’t use your brain to remember that dishtowels =/= hand towels, use your eyes and compare the hand towel to our normal dishtowels. see how much bigger it is? yeahhhh. it is so frustrating to go to get a dishtowel and i can barely open the drawer because you stuffed it with the guest bathroom hand towel.

plus, there’s a home for everything and for the last 4 years, i’ve been telling you that the home for the hand towel is NOT in the kitchen. get it right already.


p.s. thanks for cleaning the house a little more last night after i left, even if your idea of having “cleaned the kitchen” is simply doing the dishes, nevermind those pesky cabinets, countertops, or that dirty floor. i still love you. for now. you’ll do in a pinch.


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