Posted by: angelnorman | August 18, 2009

typical norman behavior.

mike: let’s get rosetta stone and learn some spanish so we can talk to each other all the time. in spanish.
me: um… but we could just speak in english all the time. kind of like now. plus, i took 4 years of spanish.
mike, as cynical as usual: but you can’t speak it.
me: i know… words.
mike, ignoring me: and like, when we’re at restaurants, we can speak spanish to one another and everyone around us will be all, “are they talking about us?”
me: okay fine. let’s learn spanish.
mike: really? can we? i mean, i think it would be cool. then we could talk about dirty things and not have to spell whenever nick is around.

so romantic. the fun part is that he was totally serious and downright enthusiastic about learning spanish.


me: speaking of trash, let me tell you something weird.
mike: okay.
me: the trash guy came today and instead of just collecting the trash and moving on, he sat there in his truck for awhile before working the arm and picking up the trash.
mike: so?
me: so like, was he checking our account? are we behind on it?
mike: no, i checked it. we’re not behind at all.
me: hm, wonder why he was being slow.
mike: maybe he was tweeting**.
me (laughing): tweeting? or like checking his FB status comments?
mike: why can’t trash people tweet? what do you have against trash people?
me: they can! it’s just funny to hear you talk about someone tweeting ’cause i know how much you hate it.
mike: you are being so classist against trash people, oh my God.

’cause, you know, calling ’em “trash people” is completely sensitive.

** twitter is the bane of mike’s existence. neither of us can understand its appeal but one of us has an account anyways. don’t tell the other one, please.



  1. Trash people sometimes make like $50,000 because no one else wants to do it!

  2. These conversations between you and Michael are so cute. Real or imagination? lol It doesn’t matter, I just got to lol at the expense of the two Norman adults. lol Luv you sweetie, Nanny

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