Posted by: angelnorman | September 14, 2009


it is amazing to me how much eating i do all based on tastes versus how much eating i do based on just getting full. i’ve become painfully aware of this issue in myself since losing my sense of taste. furthermore, there’s now no point any longer in going out to eat. going out to dinner doesn’t quite have the same enjoyment when you can’t taste what you’re eating anyhow, you know. last night we went to dinner to a nearby steakhouse for my mom’s birthday, but i couldn’t taste anything so i ordered a simple house salad and baked potato. the weird thing though was that i still ordered the dressings- the ranch, the butter, etc. i may as well have stayed at home and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because i couldn’t taste what i ordered anyhow. i couldn’t taste the chocolate cake we shared afterwards either. i still ate some, though i’m not sure why i felt so inclined. (i imagined really hard that i could taste that cake!)

i wish i didn’t like food as much as i do.


i’m still not 100% better, if you didn’t guess by now. my left ear is so clogged that i can’t hear well out of it. when i talk, it is muffled. and if mike tries to whisper to me at night before falling asleep when my left ear is up and my right ear is buried in the pillow, i can’t really hear him at all. it’s so frustrating. as a matter of fact, it’s as obnoxious as when one side of your nasal passages is congested and the other is clear, except that in that particular situation, at least it will eventually drain and maybe the other side will be congested and the original side will clear up, even if only temporarily. this is like a permanent ear congestion that is yet to be relieved, 4 days later.

as mentioned earlier, i have no sense of taste or a sense of smell either.

also? i totally feel nauseous all of the time, thank you drainage. i even felt so nauseous yesterday before my bible study, that i had to lose my lunch so to speak just to feel better. luckily, my lunch had just been a glass of OJ and an amoxicillin capsule.

fun times.


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