Posted by: angelnorman | September 20, 2009

on twilight.

so what feels like a long time ago, i was reading this blog that one of my favorite authors keeps, and i read an entry that was all about this series she was promoting called twilight. “it’s young adult, but i swear you’ll like it,” she had said to her readers, myself included. i trusted her, but upon finding out it was about vampires, pretty much decided right away i’d more than likely never read the books. i noticed that from then on, i avoided most of her blogs about how addicted she was to the series, how she panged for jacob black and whether or not his feelings were crushed, how she felt about the cullens. soon afterwards, twilight was everywhere i turned. out of spite, i decided to keep my distance. whenever the books or the upcoming movie were the topics of conversation, i would feel a little agitated, i’ll admit. it seemed like i was right back in high school with people talking about how they loooooved anne rice or something. i didn’t like vampires then, didn’t care for them now. “fads,” i’d think in disgust.

my friend sat me down one day at her house and popped in a DVD. “we’re watching twilight,” she said matter-of-factly. “i want you to see how great it is.”

the movie was genuinely good, but while it was enough to keep my interest and entertain me for awhile, it was not enough to make me wish i were reading the series. don’t mistake me. i really, really liked the movie. i even went home that night, ordered it on onDemand and made my husband, not really a fan of the vampire but big into sci fi, watch it with me. still, the whole vampire thing was lost on me. i can see why people would be enthralled with twilight, sure– all that passion, that romance. undying love and yadda yadda. but i didn’t want to get more involved than just having an appreciation of the film and any future movies that might come out.


then i fell in love with a little show called true blood, perhaps you’ve heard of it. true blood is also about vampires. true blood is also about a human-vampire relationship. mike and i were completely obsessed with this show last season. true blood is really different from twilight; it is not young adult at all. but the more i delved into the world of fictional monsters and the complicated lives they led as they struggled with relationships and blending in, the more enthusiastic i felt about the upcoming new moon movie release and to see where stephenie meyer- or whomever writes the screenplay, i suppose- might take me next.

then, my husband made an announcement last week as we bid farewell to true blood as the season came to a close. “i’m going to read twilight.”

“just the one book? or-”

“the entire series.” he was confident in his choice.

i could not believe that i had lost half of my best friends, a sister, a handful of acquaintances, and now my husband to this series.

“seriously? YOU?” (i maintain that he’s closer everyday to turning into a bored housewife the longer he works from home.)

“why? is it just for girls? like, is it sappy?” he asked me.

“probably sappy, but i doubt it’s just for girls… though i don’t know any males who read it.”

he looked at me. “do you know any males at all?”

touche. outside of like two other dudes, my only source of male behavior examples is my husband.

so he bought the book last weekend. he started reading it, making jokes about how it was just like the movie so far, then admitting he was only eight pages in or something. finally, wednesday night, as he cradled me in his arms before bed, he began reading to me. i started on the part where bella had just been saved by edward from being crushed to death. all week long, we’ve taken turns reading it aloud to one another- which has been totally romantic and has pretty much went hand-in-hand with the mood of the book minus all those moments where bella was about to die. but we read it aloud like that to one another sweetly, me not taking over until his throat was dry, or he not taking over until i was too congested to read properly. it was quite romantic, really, and i was enthusiastic about being a part of something i knew he enjoyed. also? i might have a little bit of interest now in what happens for those cullens.

i ended twilight with michael this morning. he just returned from the store with a copy of new moon.

i. am. stoked.



  1. OMG You didn’t tell me that he read it to you!!!!!!!! And that you were taking turns reading it to each other!!!!!!!! That’s hot.

  2. PS Do you need to go ahead and get the last two from me to borrow?

  3. Hah! I’ll admit that it is a little bit hot. I mean, of course, if anyone were to see us there, wearing our pajamas all day, curled up on the couch facing one another, piles of tissues and empty coke cans on the table, i’m sure they wouldn’t think it was all that hot. 🙂 But I really love it, no matter its hotness. Good series to read, good coffee brewing, and good husband reading to me– I can’t ask for much more.

  4. And yes! I forgot to acknowledge your second part– can we get Breaking Dawn? Mike already bought Eclipse as a surprise for me 😉

  5. hahahaha i knew you could do it! isn’t it amazing?! the last book (breaking dawn) is by far the BEST. i can’t wait to see new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. it is amazing, yes… but like, i have major issues with the characters. bella is always frustrating me. part of it’s because she’s so stuck in her head– as i am in real life– and i just want her to tell the truth sometimes and not skirt around things.

    but also, i’m really very in love with jacob despite the fact that i know what happens with him. so i’m sad to finish reading the books because despite the fact that i know how the series ends, i’d like to keep believing that jacob gets bella. or he can have me, whichever.

    everyone is always like, “isn’t edward great?” and yeah, he’s alright… surely gentlemanly and loving, very much opposite from most men today so he has that appeal to him. but i dunno, i feel for jacob. my heart is with him, even if he forced himself onto bella like that. i always like the underdog- no pun intended- though i guess.

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