Posted by: angelnorman | September 29, 2009

my monkey-man.

oh nick. you make me smile. thanks so much for not insisting on being a superhero or some other costume that wouldn’t have been near as cute as this.


funny things from the mouth of my monkey-man.

“chotlick”- that’s what he calls chocolate
“huntingbirds”- his word for hummingbirds

Nick: Mommy, is Tyler short for Ty?
Me: Ty is short for Tyler. Tyler is the longest word, Ty is its nickname.
Nick: Like Nick and Nicholas?
Me: Yep. Nicholas is the big name, Nick is the nickname.
Nick: Nick and nickname sound the same.
Me: Yes. And sometimes, people call you Nicky-
Nick: I don’t like when people call me Nicky.
Me: Hrm, but I call you Nicky sometimes… “my Nicky-Nick” or “Nickypoo”
Nick: You know what I call you sometimes?
Me: What do you call me sometimes?
Nick: … Red Tornado.

He apparently inherited all my randomness.



  1. red tornado.. wow i loled a lot.. nick is too funny

  2. Red Tornado? That is so cute. Where in the world would he have gotten that from? lol He is such a cute kiddo. I love him so much.

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