Posted by: angelnorman | October 15, 2009

on monday of this week, i was talking to my mom about nick’s birthday party– something that’s been causing quite the headache lately as i can neither afford it or find the right time for it within the next few weeks, and it’s now less than a month till my baby turns five. FIVE. that in itself is too hard a pill to swallow.

i decided to push the party off till november 22 to accomodate michelle since she’s trying to be in town anyways then for my birthday and an orthodontist appointment, and it’ll just be a low key event with all his closest pals. no one from school, no one we don’t see often. just people who are always there- jenson, cash and hayden, layla, coen, etc. i’ll probably just have something here, unless i magically get $250 and am able to rent the jumpy place he wants.

anyhow, i called michelle just to make sure this all sounded okay to her, and she informed me before i had a chance to ask that her mother may have had a stroke. i was absolutely dumbstruck on what to do for my poor friend out there at the hospital, an only child having to take care of the only parent she has. my heart was so broken for her. i kept thinking all through dinner about how when i had the miscarriage, she showed up for me with flowers and cream puffs and coffee at 10 pm and stayed up listening to me worry and rant and cry until 3 am… and here i was, totally without anything i could do for her in her hour of need. all i knew to do was pray, and to ask for prayers. her mom was in CCU and visitors were not allowed. if i went there, i’d have to stay in the waiting room. so… i asked her to come here, and i took care of her as best as i knew how.

she’s come here twice this week. mike said to me as she was getting out of the car last night, “i’m really glad that you get to spend so much time with michelle. of course it shouldn’t be like this.” and i agreed. he didn’t have to say anything. i’m glad she’s here too. if i had another room, she could live here for all i’d care. i even joked about getting nick bunk beds so she and he could share a room. but i feel like i can help her better by having an open couch policy. “come, rest, vent, cry. have some coffee! relax.” that’s my approach, as a friend. that’s all i can offer. i wish i could do more for her, but what else do you do for someone who had such an incredible amount of pain and confusion and stress on their plates?

her mom is on a waiting list to get into a rehabilitation place, so michelle is staying local for awhile to figure out the next best thing. she has no idea how long her mom will have to stay in rehab/assisted living before she’s able to live on her own again, if ever. and michelle is not comfortable with leaving her mother behind during this time. i feel so incredibly guilty for giving michelle such a hard time about moving like i have been the past few weeks. of course she knew i was joking when i left silly comments on FB, but there was truth to some of what i said. i really didn’t want her to move. i really didn’t want to lose my best friend.

but now i worry about her staying. i don’t want her to stay on this condition, because life dealt her another craptastic hand to play. but can you think of a better reason to forget your own needs for awhile other than your parent legitimately needing your help? i am sure my poor friend is completely overwhelmed. continued prayers for her would be appreciated. it would also be great if you could not say too much on her FB about her possibly staying a bit longer, at least until she informs her boss of that decision.


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