Posted by: angelnorman | October 17, 2009



For the past few days, our highs have not even reached the 50s in my area. It is so funny to me how people here in the south are so unprepared for any weather that’s not hot, myself included. This morning, I was livid that they were making my kid play soccer in this weather. I mean, for real. It’s 44 degrees outside and you want him to sit on the sidelines and wait until he gets rotated into the game? Ridiculous. And not only that, but today was picture day, so we had to arrive and hour and 15 minutes before the soccer game to stand in line and have our kid’s picture made. It was just miserable. Those poor little five year olds were freezing their bottoms off.

Normally, this is my favorite time of year. I love bundly coats and warm sweaters and turtlenecks and anything cozy. I like fall festivals in the crisp cool air and pumpkin-patching and drinking hot cider. Some of the best things during fall are bonfires and hayrides and blankets and cocoa. I’m all for cold weather but we seem to have skipped over autumn completely and went straight into winter.  It’s bizarrely chilly.

Worst yet though is that we’re supposed to be in the 70s this week. Seriously? No wonder we’re all so freaked out about this cold weather we’ve been having. Our weather in Tennessee is erratic at best. You can’t count on anything except a hot August and a chilly January, really. All the other months of the year vary so much. Sometimes, we have 60 degrees in winter, sometimes 65 in summer. Completely nuts.

This is, however, a great time for me to quit smoking. I was out there earlier, cigarette in hand, and I noticed that my hand was shaking as if it was about to fall off my arm. When you’re out there trying to smoke and it’s THAT chilly out, despite the fact that you have on three layers of clothing, it’s time to stop smoking really.

I am so glad Nick is going to wear a thick costume this year. Now watch it be like 80 degrees on Halloween.


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