Posted by: angelnorman | October 19, 2009

under the tree tops baby shower.

When I think of my friend Ashlee, I think of owls. Owls and nature. Trees, leaves, autumn time in general. Sweater weather. Natural living. Being green. I think of craftiness and creativity and colors and happiness. I think of calm and love. I think of a beautiful little girl named Layla.

When I think of my friend Emily, I think of aliens and how afraid of them she is. I think of brilliance in personality and in style. I think of creativity beyond my wildest imagination. Of impartialness and kindness. Blue eyeshadow. Warm smiles and genuine love for others. Two very special boys named Cash and Hayden who I love as if they were my nephews.

So when Ashlee got pregnant, I knew right away that Emily and I had to throw a baby shower. We had to unite with our creativity and come up with something that said, “Ashlee” all over it without being too… baby showerish. Here is what we came up with.


Emily made these cutesy invites! I couldn’t believe she sat down and wrote all these out in less than a day, but she did. Her handwriting is gorgeous, no?

Ems and I worked on this food together. It was my idea to make the cupcakes look like mushrooms, but it was Ems who came up with putting moss around them. Don’t they look great? Ems baked all these. Not only is she really awesome, but she bakes. Double awesome.

Also? I was quite proud of my bell pepper dip holder, thanks very much.

Mike and I made the favor bags, which contained 2 individually wrapped Archer Farm cookies. And yes, I said Mike. He sat down with me Saturday night and helped me hole punch AND tie the raffia bows. I got a good man.

Ems and the shower setup.

Me and the shower setup. I promise I have more than one leg.

Layla and her sister bird with baby bird pin– which Emily made after a frantic phone call from me about how I forgot to do a corsage thingy. Ems= totally my hero.

This was my favorite picture of Ashlee. She looked so pretty and happy– just like an expectant gal should.

Me, Ashlee, and Ems. Yay friends.



  1. That’s awesome of Michael to do that. Still love the brown bags and all looks so warm. Congrats Ashlee!

  2. This baby shower did reflect Ashlee’s personality with the handmade invitations, the cupcakes with the moss around it, and the favors in plain brown bags tied with raffia bows. And what I really loved is the pictures that you took. I’m not good with pictures, and whoever took these pictures knew what they were doing. They are such a gift, a treasure, to me.

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