Posted by: angelnorman | October 24, 2009

i’ve got a friend

in light of that fact that i said goodbye to michelle last night, i am really emotional and weepy today. my best friend is leaving tonight for a new life in chicago, though maybe not for forever, and i have no words to fully express how i feel about any of it. i mean, really, what can i say? that i’ll miss her? that my heart is broken? that i have conflicting feelings because on the one hand, i’m really, really happy that she finally has a chance to live her own life but on the other, i am devastated because i won’t be within an hour of said living of her life? there’s nothing i can say that isn’t obvious. there’s no feeling i’m not feeling right now. i’m even a little angry and in a mood to boycott all things chicago, just to spite. just because of its allure. just because chicago stole my best friend.

i didn’t promise i’d be rational.

at least there can be pictures when there are no words that do it any justice.



  1. Never forget Waffle House. PS Was she really holding maxi pads up to her face like a phone?

  2. Yep, she really was. She was phoning Mike, who was inside WalMart and taking entirely too long to come out.

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