Posted by: angelnorman | November 1, 2009

halloween recap.

photo by: Kristin Aune

we had the best time on halloween this year.

normally, it’s not our favorite holiday. well, it’s one of my favorites. but when it comes to loving halloween in this house, i’m alone. no matter how much i decorate, no matter what i do to make halloween more fun/ less spooky, nick is just not as into it as i would like. in fact, for the past couple of years, we haven’t even done much trick-or-treating. we’ve went to some trunk-or-treats, and we’ve been to our neighbors’ houses; however, real trick-or-treating for more than 10 minutes? not something we’ve done until this year.

so our soccer game was cancelled halloween morning thanks to wet fields from friday’s downpour. i was relieved because i really wanted to hit up LifePoint’s Fall Festival at my in-laws’ church, which started at 11 am. my mother-in-law had invited us the day before and i was excited to take nick to do another trunk or treat plus to enjoy some of the inflatables. so we went to that instead of our soccer game, and nick had a great time. we bounced, got some candy, had his photo taken for free (see above; didn’t Kristin do a great job?), had his face painted, got some more candy, and bounced some more. it was great, and we got to see the remodeled church and some familiar smiling faces. it was great.

then we came home and napped before heading to my friend ashley’s for some trick-or-treating and hot dog grubbing. we had so much fun with laura, ashley, and their families! i was a little worried that my boys wouldn’t have as much fun since they’re both on the antisocial side at times, but they really enjoyed themselves. michael? well, for those of you who’ve read the blog or who’ve known us personally for awhile, you know how michael kind of keeps to himself. what you might not know is that he doesn’t go to things looking forward to seeing my friends’ husbands. he doesn’t make a fuss when we leave about how great of a time he had. this is not to say he doesn’t like my friends’ husbands or that he never has a good time. he’s just not very vocal about things, which always makes me wonder whether or not he actually had fun and makes me feel bad for dragging him everywhere with me. but he surprised me last night when we pulled out of ashley’s driveway and he said, “that was really great. those are the kind of people i like hanging out with.”

i had to do a double take. i couldn’t believe he was actually talking positively about an outing that was my idea and that he hadn’t been forced to say it. he went on and on about ashley’s parents and how awesome and down-to-earth everyone was, and i was like, “did you think i would hang out with someone who wasn’t down-to-earth? i have standards, you know.”

but he was really impressed by how good of a time it was, and he is so looking forward to taking Lady up on her offer to get together for some ping pong, darts, and pool very soon.

as far as nick goes, he was also extraordinarily “into” the spirit of the holiday, too. he was trick-or-treating like a pro. his  “trick or treat”-s and “thank you”-s were actually audible, even. i was really shocked that not once did he drag his feet or complain or ask to be carried. he walked from house to house in ashley’s neighborhood, and never even said he wanted to be done until i asked him. and despite the age difference between him and the other kids, he had so much fun playing with them. emory, ashley’s daughter, will be 4 in march but she and nick are very alike in personality. both are quiet, both a little shy. and though it took nick a while to warm up to her (despite the fact that she’s in our playgroup, nick and i rarely get to see her. we can’t always make the playdates during the days because nick is in school), before long they were playing as if they had been friends forever. nick even loved playing with catelin and walker, who are even younger than emory. i was glad to see him having such a good time even though halloween has never been his favorite thing.

and then, of course, any time i get to spend with my girls is a good time. ashley and laura are relatively new friends to me, but i adore them both very much. they’re good people, and i hope to spend more time with them soon.

happy november! it’s my favorite month of the year. it is also my busiest month of the year, even more so than december. here’s to a very happy month for us all!



  1. You know this girl! We had so much fun too! Cy and I kept talking about how everyone got along so well! And I love how the kids just took over the house and I half-ignored mine, and they had the BEST time. Emory and Nick were the cutest together. I can’t wait to hang out again soon!

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