Posted by: angelnorman | November 13, 2009

Nicholas at five.

at five, my sweets, you…

remind me everyday that you are a big boy now.

tell me that whenever you do something right or good that warrants my praise and encouragement, you’ve done it because you’re five. if i say, “good job cleaning up your toys”, you answer, well it’s because i’m five. i can clean good now.”

love going to school and learning new things.

are very much into super heroes. still.

tell me all the time how pretty i am.

enjoy watching movies and can sit through entire two hour ones if the subject is enticing enough. otherwise, you’re up playing.

talk a lot about Jesus and how much you love Him. The other day, you asked me about Heaven and told me you didn’t want to die but if you do die one day, you want to go to Heaven to “be with Jesus”.

still consider Jenson, Layla, Cash, and Hayden to be your best friends.

are very much a mama’s boy but thoroughly enjoy spending time and playing games with your daddy!

still consider the Beatles to be your favorite band, but are into any music that’s fast-paced like rock n’ roll and hip hop. You love the Black Eyed Peas’ “Rock Your Body” and “Boom Boom Pow”. You enjoy Muse, Mutemath, and Spoon. You’re very into Led Zeppelin- though not anything of theirs that is slower like “Stairway” or “All of My Love”.

consider red and green to be your favorite colors.

are very much into autumn. You ask me anytime you see leaves falling, “Is fall happening right now?” And when I tell you that it is, you say, “Cool! I love fall.”

Know how to count from 1-30 without missing a beat although you still sometimes refer to thirty as “twenty-ten”.

know how to write both “Nick” and “Nicholas”. You tell me all the time that you no longer want to be called “Nick”. You prefer “Nicholas” and often correct me when I say, “Nick” instead.

think mac n’ cheese is awesome.

adore all things silly.

like to make up songs about Chewie, who you say is your favorite dog ever.

love spending time with your grandparents.

have a whole group of friends outside of your besties. You get along so well with lots of different types of kids- all ages and gender.

really love playing outside with your neighbors and friends across the street.

are, comparatively, super well-behaved.

can almost ride a bike without training wheels! You just need a little more practice with balance.

are thoroughly impressed by skaters and football players alike.

love, love, love soccer.

want to learn to play the drums and the piano and the guitar, in that order.

are very excited about Christmas.

don’t like to eat too much candy or sugary foods because you say, “It has too much sugar in it and that’s bad for me”. You’re very smart like that and refuse sweets more times than not. It makes me way proud.

are still the light of my life, and a complete and utter blessing to me and your dad.


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