Posted by: angelnorman | November 17, 2009

manic monday, with a side of michelle.

last night, nick woke up again with a fever, this time of 102. he was throwing up and everything, the poor guy. we finally got the fever to break and got some sleep around 2 am. of course we kept him out of school this morning, you know, just in case.

i went this morning to laura’s house to visit with some folks from the mom’s group i’m in over coffee (and smokes.) mike called around 11:30 or so and told me that nick’s fever was back up and that we were out of motrin or tylenol. he also told me that nick’s school check still hadn’t cleared and that, according to the bank, we’d be overdrawn if we didn’t get a couple of checks we’d been holding into the bank and pronto.

fewer things are more stressful for me than my kid being sick. not having money in the bank is one of them.

so i called my parents, who are constantly having to help me financially it seems, but who are the only ones who have any money these days. and they just barely have enough; they’re still trying to sell their old house all while paying for their new. two sets of bills, essentially. i felt horrible having to ask, but my stepdad only gave me a minor lecture, saying “wow, you guys make more money now and don’t seem to ever have any money still.” and while it took everything i had to not scream or quote notorious B.I.G.’s “mo’ money, mo’ problems”, i had to admit to myself that he was right. of course, we do have more bills now and it is a lot harder economy wise. nick’s tuition, a car note, our property taxes just went up, not to mention i just threw a huge birthday bash and had three different parties for nick. so c’mon. give me a little break here.

he and i made arrangements though to get some money, and he’s not making me pay it back. he’s letting me consider it as my birthday gift.

i was sitting on the porch, crying to my mom via the phone about all of my issues, when bff michelle called. she said, “what’s wrong?” and i launched into my, “oh you know, no money, sick kid, things like that” junk, and she said, “well, i’m driving to your house.” and i was all, “wtf? are you here in town?” and she told me she was and that i would see her in 45 minutes.

when she pulled into my driveway, i was the happiest i’d been in a good solid week. it was soooo great to see her.

this was me: “aaaagh!” this was michelle: “aaggghh!” and we went back and forth like that and hugged like three times in that first five minutes.

she and i went to my parents’ house, had dinner, etc. we got to spend a lot of one-on-one time together and nick got to play with his auntie michelle for a little while too. you couldn’t even tell the kid was sick by this evening. he was up running around and being so silly.

but then his fever started to spike again. blegh.

michelle and i spent most of the evening after nick went to sleep watching parks & rec and talking. she is trying to make some very important decisions regarding where she wants to be right now in her life. she was in early because her boss wanted her to take some time to think about things as well as visit her mom, who if you recall, had a stroke last month. my poor michelle is really torn about whether or not she needs to be here, at home, or if she needs to move on and give the chicago thing a real try. she’s been miserable up there, but only because she’s feeling badly for her mom who’s here alone… and things haven’t been working out well for her yet in chicago regarding finding an apartment or anything. as much as i want her back here, i want her to be happy even more. so i was trying to be as unbiased as possible and offering my advice as best as i could.

finally, nick was up with a bit of a fever again at 2. michelle finally decided at around 3 that she would leave us to get some rest and things.

i can’t wait to see her again already. i’ve really missed my friend and having her here, even temporarily, is just what i needed today. what a shitty day it would’ve been without her visit.

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