Posted by: angelnorman | November 28, 2009

Happy birthday, me. (Morning Update)

I woke up to a clean living room and kitchen, a really cleared off desk, and a coffee table decorated with all sorts of cut-out hearts that say things like, “You are a wonderful mother” and “You make me a better person”. He cherishes me. I amaze him everyday. I am beautiful. I will always look young to him. Stuff like that.

Mike is the best husband ever when he wants to be, for real. He didn’t have to clean; but he really didn’t have to do the little heart thing. Instead, he did both. I’m sure he thought, “What else can I do to make her day brighter?” I love that about him, how you can tell he thought a lot about what he chose to do. He isn’t generic. He doesn’t just do the gift thing and call it a day. He is genuine when he attempts to be romantic. It has totally made my morning. (Because, having a child whine about us being out of Pop-Tarts or how he’s cold or how he needs milk or how the light is too bright in the living room isn’t really cutting it for me this morning. Mike’s cut out hearts are the only thing that’s happy, trust me :))

We’re planning on having dinner tonight and spending most of our kid-free time finishing our kitchen cabinets. The walls will be next. Maybe I can talk him into painting the walls too this weekend. Who knows? It is my birthday… maybe I won’t even have to beg. Maybe I’ll just turn on that super pouty face I do sometimes and say, “Pleeeeease?” Or maybe I’ll just want to paint the cabinets and do nothing else for another month. That works too.

I love how, on my birthday at least, I am free to do whatever or nothing.



  1. awesome…maybe he can give a lecture on that to my hubby

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