Posted by: angelnorman | November 30, 2009

scenes from a birthday

this? the face of a thirty year old lady, mother to one, crafty diva, and number one biggest fan of michael j. norman.

i’m a simple gal. all i wanted for my birthday dinner was a big ol’ bowl of spaghetti and meatball from buca di beppo.

although i also ate an entire loaf of bread, 4 of 5 prosciutto stuffed mushrooms, and this little slice of heaven:

which was served warm. and yes, that is a whipped cream topping. mmm.

i shared with my sweetie.

were we in bluff view for my birthday like last year, i would’ve posed with statues. so here’s that obligatory birthday girl posing with statue pose.

leave it to him.

this took up a huge chunk of my birthday, too.

the pay-off is in a finally put-together kitchen. i love the way it is turning out!!!

i spent a lot of my birthday weekend right here too. with that dog nearby me at all times.

special thanks to these two (i didn’t take this picture, but i love it) for babysitting for us. nick had a great time; he baked, played, decorated their tree, and enjoyed spending time with his Papa and Sherry. also? he was super ticked that i ate most of the cookies Sherry packed for him to bring home.

we’ll be needing those recipes, Sherry.

also a special thanks to my Mompa Wompa, who is the best for not only hosting my Dirty Thirty but also for making sure i had a lovely birthday. thanks for the cash too. it was fun having it in the bank for all of 10 minutes before we paid it right back out to the dentist office.

and to my ILs who hunted us down and sang to me in person. thanks for that cash, too. i spent it right away… on pajamas 🙂 oh, and to all my friends who wished me a happy birthday via FB or text or calls. ❤ love you all.



  1. Awesome!! So glad you had a great day. Love the pictures!

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