Posted by: angelnorman | December 28, 2009


sometimes, i get annoyed and it’s not just a “oh look what just happened… that annoys me” sort of thing; it’s more of a “everything that happens annoys me” feeling. and when i say everything that happens, i mean everything, from bad drivers with me on the road to puppies and other people’s facebook status updates, especially ones about being sick or no longer being sick or be pregnant or just having had a baby or sports or vacations or new year’s resolutions.


i’m going to really try though, to not be so annoyed with other people and things. i’m telling the truth. because the only thing i hate more in this world than dishonesty is people who are always miserable. i don’t want to be like that, do i?

i’ll admit it sounds tempting. angry is easier.

but it’s also exhausting.

so for now, i’ll sit quietly in my house and avoid everyone except nick. because he’s cute and that makes him annoying in a much less abrasive way.



  1. You are the most LEAST (?) angriest person I know! What on God’s green earth do you have to be annoyed about?! I just read your Christmas blog. All I see is Angel and her beautiful happy life. The girl who makes things happen. The girl who appreciates even the most looked over bits of life. There aren’t many like you out there you know. I can’t even imagine you annoyed or angry! You have a big heart. Don’t try to fool us!

  2. aw. i just love you.

    and i think it’s just one of those days. i’m not feeling 100%, honestly, but it’s unrelated to the flu. it figures that as soon as i get well, i have another issue arise, eh? 🙂 c’est la vie.

    thank you for the love.

  3. If feeling irritated or upset sometimes isn’t 100%, then nobody feels 100%. You are feeling human is all. Everyone has those moments, no matter how perfect they may seem.

  4. Maybe taking a “Facebook Fast” is something you should try. Don’t log in for a few days, don’t read peoples status updates. That way you won’t give a damn! And stay clear of puppies!! lol

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