Posted by: angelnorman | January 1, 2010

farewell oh-nine

this year was not my best year, but it wasn’t all bad either.

in january, i celebrated my new president. but my nanny was in the hospital, and i was worried so for her. i began taking clomid to jumpstart this whole fertility thing. i also started taking cymbalta for my depression.

in february, i celebrated nine years of wedded bliss to one mr. michael norman. but february also brought its own sadnesses. my family lost my great uncle john, who is still very much missed. i also had my first experience with a false positive pregnancy test. oh, and roscoe had a tumor on his hiney.

in march, nick had his first sleepover and he also started playing t-ball, his first attempt ever at an organized sport. he loved it, and i was way proud like any good mama would be. i began to feel differently about a lot of things that i had let slide beforehand. i call march my “waking up” month.

in april, we celebrated 21 years of life for my sister. nick and i almost caught fire on a lawn mower. we celebrated easter and earth day and my niece alyssa’s sixth birthday. it started to become obvious that the clomid was not working as i was still having to take progesterone to make myself menstruate.

in may, michael graduated form college. halleluyer. our car broke down, so we bought a new (to us) car. we got a new puppy. we bid adieu to the two-day mom’s day out program and looked foward to preschool.

in june, i put my foot down. hard. and i squashed some issues i’d been having for years. it felt nice to learn to say “no” and be aggressive (b-e aggressive) for the best cause of all- my mental health. oh, and i also went to chicago and various other places in the midwest and had a ball.

in july, i saw pete yorn in concert and smoked a cigarette for the first time in years. also, nick went to the dentist for the first time ever and was applauded for his nice shiny teeth. i also said farewell to my playgroup of two years.

in august, i went to a mom’s weekend away and came back a full fledged smoker. joy. i made some good friends though.

in september, i had a miscarriage. honestly, i haven’t fully recovered yet from the letdown. the clomid finally seemed to work, but apparently it wasn’t enough. also? i finally broke down and joined another playgroup. and i switched to zoloft. oh, and nick started playing soccer!

in october, we celebrated halloween with our little monkey. we started painting our kitchen (we’ve yet to finish), and my best friend moved hundreds of miles away. sadface.

in november, nick turned 5 and i turned 30. life was good. busy, but good. i made a pact with myself to only focus on the most important relationships in my life, mainly family ones. time moves, after all, much too fast.

in december, nothing but christmas mattered. it was the greatest christmas i could’ve imagined.

so my year had its share of ups and downs, but i’d say that all in all, it was a decent year. maybe not for fertility, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog in itself. it is with a nod that i bid farewell to ’09. i can’t say it was my best year or that i’ll miss it, but i can greet 2010 with a smile and a determination to have a much better time this year!


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