Posted by: angelnorman | February 22, 2010

anniversary update

me, 10th wedding anniversary. photo by the hubs.

while every anniversary is important, for some reason, i’m inclined to believe that this last one was a bigger deal than any of the others we’ve celebrated. after all, 10 years is a long time– a whole decade of marriage. it’s hard for me to believe that we’ve been an “us” for so long. michelle told me not to long ago that it’s like we’re one person in her mind now, because she rarely thinks of just “angel” or just “mike”. it’s always “mike and angel” or “angel and mike”. 

and that made me happy, because honestly? that’s how it should be, in my opinion. team norman.

i felt really pressured to do something extraordinarily romantic for my anniversary, since it was the biggest one, at least from an emotional standpoint, we’ve celebrated since our first anniversary. i thought and thought on what to do, but eventually i came to the conclusion that despite the pressure to do a little something extra special, i didn’t feel like it. so i didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, except don my veil and bouquet and ask mike if he thought i was prettier today or ten years ago.

he said today. (he is so nice, because really i don’t feel prettier. i feel older and fatter and more freckled and wrinkly. i definitely dress better now though.)

things haven’t been really good lately. physically i feel gross and run down, and mentally, i’m over exhausted. so instead of dressing up and going out somewhere special, i put on my favorite jeans and said, “let’s go somewhere quick and easy. i don’t feel like being out all night.”

we went to dinner at buca, which if you didn’t know, is one of our favorite places to eat. then we went to see the lovely bones all the way at hundred oaks since no one else had it. afterwards, we came home and watche julie & julia, which is by far one of the best feel-good movies i’ve seen in awhile. i smiled practically the whole time, which i needed to do desperately.

and i’ll get back on track, eventually, with the housework and the appointments i need to make and such. but for now, i’m just going to take it easy as i can, especially since i think i feel a cold coming on. joyous.


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