Posted by: angelnorman | February 24, 2010


Easter Egg tree

Above: Easter Egg Tree on the kitchen table.

I feel like for the past couple of months, I’ve been in freeze mode and I’m just now beginning to thaw.

Other things I want to say:

1. High-def tv is where it’s at. I’m sorry, but you haven’t watched the struggle on LOST until you’ve watched it in HD. That island never looked so good! I never really thought we’d NEED HD, but now we have a no-regular-cable rule in this house. We can only watch HD programming. For real. Snobbish maybe, but it looks so much more awesome. Sometimes it’s like I’m there, in the picture with my favorite characters! I would have never noticed the beauty in some of the shots of the city on CSI: Miami without HDTV or seen all the details of Horatio Caine’s face or fallen even more in love with those very hot CSI agents. Ooh! And what about Celeb Rehab?! Holy crap I feel like they’re sitting in my living room sometimes. It’s just lovely, that HD.

2. My metaphorical “plate” (as in, “i have a lot on my plate”) is more like the size of a saucer than a dinner plate, and I don’t try to cram it too full with other people’s nonsense. I can only fit those few things I can handle at one time on my plate, and I have to let everything else go. It’s kinda freeing. I suggest you all downsize to a saucer, or like a salad plate at the very least. Or, you know, don’t let other people’s drama get you down. That works too.

3. Speaking of Celeb Rehab, I wish I could befriend all of them– well, except for Kari Ann; I can’t stand her. (I don’t do well with brats and she is the biggest! brat! ever!) But I wish I could be Heidi Fleiss’s friend for sure. She needs someone to love her, you know. And if I could, I would reach right into that TV and give Tom Sizemore a big ol’ hug despite what he did in his past to my BFF Heidi. He just looks like he needs a hug. A long, firm hug and for someone to tell him that they believe he can do it.

I believe he can do it. I think he has what it takes to get and stay sober.

(Also… what about Dennis Rodman? Was so happy he finally admitted to being an alcoholic! First step is admitting you have a problem, and he’d never taken that step before despite all the trouble he’s been in! But then to hear his wife ask for a divorce– yikes.)

Hugs for him too. Heck. Hugs for them all.

4.  Michelle will be home in less than a week. SQUEE!

5. Nick has no school today, so I sort of need to get up and take him to a playdate now.

See you when I see you.



  1. i loooooooveeee celeb rehab! its sooo good!

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