Posted by: angelnorman | February 25, 2010

tomorrow’s only a day away

hello. my name is angel and i’m a procrastinator.

i tend to think along the lines that it’s no big deal if i push my responsibilities off a little bit here and there. only, that usually leads to a massive pile up in the sink; a devastating eruption of clean clothes that need to be folded in the laundry room; dirty clothes literring the bedroom floor. things like that. then my natural laziness kicks in because i’m overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. 

so… hello again. my name is angel and not only am i a procrastinator, but i tend to be a little lazy.

all week long i’ve been looking online at inspiration for getting organized and cleaned and decorated around here. it’s hard enough to weed through all the ideas, all the supplies i NEED to get the jobs i want done, and all of the images of perfectly spic and span and really beautiful rooms that i’ve come across. putting things into action is even harder. since the beginning of the year, i’ve been receiving all my favorite home magazines with all their articles about how to make better use of the space in your home,  and how to get and stay organized, so really it’s been on my mind for months now. only this week has it prompted me into action.

i told my friend laura yesterday that i have been feeling so incredibly lazy lately. there’s so much that i want to do but at the same time, i lack the drive to do most of it. and it’s not big things– i’m not talking about remodeling my home or planting a garden in my massive yard or anything that requires back-breaking work. it’s stuff like, clean the master bathtubwash my linens and make my bed. just those little things i push off till the next day hoping that i’ll eventually feel like doing them.

today i woke up and told myself that maybe i should stop thinking about cleaning the tub and do it. so i did. in fact, i cleaned my entire bathroom- mopped the floors and all. i opened all my windows and let the cool air from the outside clear out some of the stuffy air inside. it was really nice.

but then i tried to tackle the living room. my new furniture has a cappucino finish, so it’s dark and it shows the tiniest amount of dust. and fingerprints? oh. my. gosh. they’re out of control. so i literally dust my living room every day now, because i love my new furniture and want it to remain lovely. also, i use method’s almond-scented furniture polish and i love that smell. i could never, ever tire of it. but beyond dusting, the living room looks as though i’ve barely touched even though i’ve picked up half a dozen toys and straightened the pillows and such about 17 times.

while nick and roscoe and chewie ran around like chickens with their heads cut off around me, i tried to make a huge dent in the cleanliness of my living room. i was running from couch to couch, hanging up coats, folding quilts, throwing the rogue toys that managed to get in between my couch cushions down the hall towards nick’s room. then i noticed the table that i had just dusted ten minutes ago.. and a bunch of sidewalk chalk on said table, along with three of nick’s little action figures, and a tiny walkie-talkie that goes with his army play set.

i. wanted. to. scream.

so i decided to just take a little break. “mommy’s in time-out,” i called to nick, who was still being his rambunctious self. i grabbed the cigs, and the coat i just put away, and went outside to smoke my stress away.

soon nick was at the opened window. “mommmmmy? what are you doooo-ing?”

gah, i thought and promptly ignored him.

“mommy? mommy? hello, mommy?” he said.

not. going. to. answer.

soon he gave up and started chasing roscoe and chewie again. lots of barking ensued. i began to feel frustrated with the lack of peace and quiet.

but then… i went back inside to my nice clean bathroom and shut the door. the rest of the house faded away. my bathroom literally saved my sanity.

and all was well again.

everything else? well, it can wait till tomorrow.


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