Posted by: angelnorman | March 8, 2010

kids these days.

as soon as nick got in from school today, he started begging to play the wii. like any good videogame junkie, the wii or, more specifically, lego batman for the wii, is all nick talks about. i am pretty sure it’s all he dreams about too, if you want me to be perfectly honest. in fact it’s so bad that at one point this weekend, i had to tell him that i didn’t want to hear another word about batman because there is more to life than videogames, to which he answered, “i’m just a kid who likes videogames” very defensively. that much is true. he is just a normal kid who likes videogames.

“you have got to be kidding me,” i told him as soon as i calmed him from the temper tantrum he was throwing because both mike and i had told him no videogames today. “because it is too beautiful to be inside! get out. out out out!” nothing irks me more than kids who can’t find joy in playing in the sunshine. and maybe i had a little bit of an ulterior motive because i was hoping to finish touching-up my cabinetry with a coat of fresh paint and didn’t want nick to be anywhere near the mess i am bound to make anytime i get my hands on some paint. maybe that was the biggest reason i wanted him playing in our front yard and not underneath my feet.

God must’ve been smiling upon me today, because I couldn’t have asked for more help than nick’s friend knocking on the door and asking him to come play. miraculously, it made my little man forget all about his lack of videogames and bounce happily out the door and into the sunshine.

for a whole whopping 5 minutes.

“mommy, can we have capri suns?”

and then five minutes afterwards.

“can we have some go-gurts?”

and then five more minutes.

“can i bring my cars out?”
“will you draw us a road on the sidewalk?”
“and a lake?”
“and an airport?”
“and a city for us to live in!”

five more minutes:

“can we play with play-doh?”
“can we have another capri sun?”

rinse and repeat. they have had two yogurts each, three capri suns each, have dragged out all of nick’s cards, a game, the sidewalk chalk… my door has been opened and closed like 25 times.

i managed to touch up two of the most needy cabinets in the entire hour. and then i went to potty, thinking they would leave me alone for at least another five minutes.

and they did. i didn’t hear the door not even once. no one asked me for anything.

finally i go outside to tell nick it was time to come in. only, he wasn’t on the sidewalk like he’s supposed to be. i called for him as loudly as i could muster (i’m losing my voice). finally i see him coming out of my neighbor’s house. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” i demanded.

“he said i could come in…” nick whined. he knows better. and he knew what was coming.

i watched him cross the street and come towards me, his little friend trailing after.

“can i have another capri sun?” the kid called to me.

seriously. i am contemplating sending his parents a bill for all the groceries. i believe they owe me a dollar at this time. perhaps i’ll open them a tab.

i lectured him on not going into other people’s houses, about leaving the sidewalk without telling me, about how he has to have my permission to even set foot off our property and does he understand me? he apologized.

the door was opened and closed another 15 times within the next 30 minutes, with my neighbor’s kid asking for help opening the play-doh, the chalk, the cars… it was ridiculous. nick wanted a sucker, a snack… anything that i could physically do for him? that’s what he wanted. i was about to go crazy. i even told mike that i changed my mind; i only want one kid. cause two together? yikes! i couldn’t handle the constant back and forth. i’m too lazy (and too hoarse) to have to bark that many orders at once: “shut the door!” “go back outside!” “no! no more drinks right now! you’re fine!” “you can have water!” “well i’m sorry but that’s all you can have.” “no, nick, you don’t need to bring out your leapster!”

it was nuts. i mean, what happened to going outside to play hide n’ go seek or tag or something? can’t they just be satisfied for a moment with the warmth and nature and such?

also, i am not sure how people with more than two kids even survive. i really hope to have another baby at some point, but golly, i pray it’s not more than one. after that, i’m so done. DONE I SAY.

so now i’m thinking maybe i’ll fence in the back yard before long so i can start locking nick out there… and watching him from the kitchen windows, of course. i’ll stick a cooler full of drinks and go-gurts out there and ignore the pleas for more toys… because apparently, just being outside is no longer enough for some children.

maybe then more than two cabinets will get painted. and my a/c won’t have to work overtime to cool my house because the door just can’t seem to stay shut.

btw: i blame videogames and crazy gadgetty toys. kids aren’t satisfied with the simple because there’s nothing simple anymore. everything that they throw at them has to be so involved. kids these days are just so incredibly clueless.



  1. My friend Jeanine sends her kids out in the backyard (fenced) with popsicles and a kitchen timer set the thirty minutes and tells them not to come in until it dings. LOL!

  2. That is the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard. I’m going to so try the timer thing next time!

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