Posted by: angelnorman | March 16, 2010

prada’s not really my thing anyways

I am a firm believer in accessories. If I couldn’t accessorize, I would die. For real.

I love scarves and jewelry especially, but I’m a huge fan of handbags these days. Shoes too.

Not too long ago, I began the search for a plain and simple handbag with no frills or zippers or weird pockets on the front in a lighter shade than what I normally carry: black and/or brown. But I didn’t want white. And I didn’t want color. I wanted something that would look good with anything. Then one day I stumbled upon a Prada handbag in a golden shade that became mine for $6. Man I love the Goodwill in Franklin.

But Murphy’s law has never proven wrong with me…

Here’s my Prada bag:

And here’s our puppy:

And here’s what happens when Prada meets Chewie:

Any questions?

(It’s really okay. I still carry it, despite the fact that I’m 90% sure it’s fake Prada anyhow.)


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