Posted by: angelnorman | March 18, 2010

sunshine on my door.

Recently I came across a super cute wreath tutorial that I just had to make over at Tatertots & Jello. It required a lot of plastic drinking bottles (water bottles, soda bottles, etc), a wreath form, and a little bit of color. I decided to make mine a little smaller, a little less colorful, and a little bit more… tailored. I’ll admit it: I was skeptical of the wonky shape; I’m just not modern and hip enough to appreciate the assymetrical at all times. So this is what I did.

I started with 2 bottles: one diet coke, the other dr. pepper. (Later, I collected more bottles- water bottles, diet pepsi bottles…) and washed them and cut them into flowers. I found it pretty easy to cut into them if I squeezed them first and used my heavy duty kitchen scissors to slice into the plastic.

To make flower shapes, you simply cut the tops of the bottles off, using the neck of the bottles as the base for your flowers. Hrm, maybe this makes more sense:

Then you have to paint them. I am crushing on yellow these days, so I painted yellow and white flowers.

At this time, I inadvertently realized that I really wanted brown and orange in my wreath too. More on that later.

I made a little mess. 🙂

So I wired the “flowers” to a $2 wire wreath form which I had wrapped as best I could in orange, white, and yellow ribbon. I used some hot glue dabs to hold the flat flowers onto the ribbon-covered wreath.

This is what the wreath would have looked like minus the brown:

But I wanted brown. And more depth. So… I got out some lunch sacks and I cut strips into it as though making grass. Surely you know what I mean by this if any of you ever did any artwork in kindergarten.

Yes… that.

And then I glued it at random on the wreath.

Because my camera sucks at night, they look kind of autumny, so I’m going to need to wait for the sun to get a better pic. However, since we get full sunlight on the front of our house each day, I’m guessing the brown will pale and fade a little. I have decided I might add some birds or butterflies or both. Until then, though, this is the sunshine that is now hanging on my door.

And it only cost me about $6 total since almost everything was on hand.


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