Posted by: angelnorman | March 19, 2010

fridays are the best.

Well, hello there.

For the first time practically all week, we have a really nice day out there today. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowin’, and the windows are raised and letting both the light and air cleanse our rooms.

But those aren’t the only cleaners I’m using. I’ve been scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, rearranging, and mopping all day, too.  Our weekend is packed with birthday parties galore, so I figured I’d at least go into our busy weekend with a clean home.

I turned my old coffee table into a daybed like area in my office. It’s really neat, though not altogether comfy yet (it’ll get there.) The dogs really seem to like it.

Of course it is by the window…

And they sure do like to sunbathe.

Sometimes I think people must wonder why I don’t put many pictures of Alex on the blog. I have blogs about Chewie, blogs about Roscoe, but few about Alex. Well, Alex is our middle dog-child and he’s a little temperamental compared to the other two. He’s kind of a loner, and he really only wants to be around you when it’s convenient to him. He’s very cat-like in that respect. The other two? Totally at my feet all day long. But not Alex. He’s usually hiding in Chewie’s kennel or sleeping on the dirty clothes piles in my bedroom. He’s typically in a different room than the rest of us. But some of the time when I’m taking pics of the other two (you know, the ones who will actually let me take pics of them), Alex is in my lap, and I force him to let me take his pic. He’s so beautiful.

Happy weekend, everyone.



  1. I love your blog page
    The wreath, Nicholas and the dogs are all beautiful.
    Haven’t talked to you lately. Hope you all are doing great.
    Hope to see you soon

    Love you

  2. Pretty cool looking wreath there….Oh look at my Roscoe I love him

  3. Love, love that wreath… you are one talented lady!

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