Posted by: angelnorman | March 24, 2010

nature bracelets

Nick and I made nature bracelets this week. We used a variety of clovers, grasses, and weeds to make these bracelets and talk about the things that grow in spring. I got this idea off the internet, and if you’re lucky enough to have a flower garden or a flowering plant of any sort right now, I envy you. Nick and I were stuck with mostly green and purple things, as we have no dandelions or anything colorful growing.

You’ll need a few loops of duct tape, big enough to go around your wrists. I found it easier to cut long strips and just let them overlap as opposed to measuring. You’ll want to wrap this around your wrist sticky-side up.

Next, you just go out into the yard and tell your little one(s) to pick whatever they find pretty. I used this time to talk to Nick about spring and about weeds and how even they can be lovely sometimes. He was very chatty about how he liked all the different “colors” of green. (He meant shades of green). He was bummed, however, when I informed him that his flowers on the bracelet would die. I think he hoped it would live forever. Wouldn’t that be neat? Someone should make wearable gardens, so that you could always have a little bit of garden freshness right there with you.

It was something quick and easy to do while waiting on dinner to finish cooking in the oven, and it got us outside and in the yard, which has been out of the question since it was cold and rainy on our first day of  Spring Break. (Not that Nick minded so much. He just played Lego Batman for extended amounts of time in between playing/doing flashcards with me and Mike.)

It would be nice to live outside all day in the warm sunshine, minus the bugs and the pesky neighbors, don’t ya think? As long as there was a breeze and no risk of skin cancer, of course. A girl can dream.


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