Posted by: angelnorman | April 2, 2010

i want the ocean right now.

I am having the best week ever, minus this pesky toothache I’ve been having. I REALLY need to save up $1200 so I can pay for my root canal, but it can’t happen anytime soon soooo…. I guess I am destined to live in pain.

But otherwise, this week is grand. First, it’s beautiful outside; and when I say beautiful I mean 80 degrees and sunshiney and all sorts of gloriousness. Second, my house looks amazing if I do say so myself. it’s a very happy place. Third, I saw Tegan and Sara in concert this week, as all of my FB friends know. I really enjoy shows at the Ryman. I think it is honestly Nashville’s best venue, because it’s legendary and yet personal all at once… and the acoustics are OMG amazing. I also sat four rows behind the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley-what’s-her-face, and then wasn’t at all surprised when I saw her after the show at Cafe Coco.

Tegan was really funny. She told a story about how her mom sent her to summer camp without Sara, and she cried the whole way there with her mom telling her that she would be okay, because she was cute and funny and everyone would love her. When she arrived at camp, she had some of the “popular girls” come up to her and ask her to sneak into the boys’ cabins because, you know, she looked like a boy and could get away with it. She said it was really hard for her to make friends because she cried the entire time. And oh how it traumatized her, she said. She went on to write a song about it (“You Wouldn’t Like Me”), about how she feels people just don’t like her when they first meet her. Perhaps you’ve heard it. I know what that’s like, cause I feel the same dang way. It takes a while to get to know me, and even longer to get to like me haha.

Also, Tegan told everyone Sara is stuck in 1978. She doesn’t have internet or anything. Awesome.

Sara also made me laugh a lot, particularly when she asked Tegan to please shutup so that she could speak. She told a story about her grandfather coming to hear them play when they were first writing songs in high school. He listened to them play a couple of songs each and afterwards, all he said was, “You’re not that bad. You’re no Willie Nelson, though.” Flash forward a few years and T&S are opening for Ryan Adams at the Ryman. They brought him the poster that had Ryan Adams with Tegan and Sara on it, and he said, “I guess you’re doing okay. But you’d be doing better if you played country music.” Sara made a joke about how he was probably right, and then she said that she couldn’t wait to take him the poster of Tegan and Sara headlining at the Ryman. 🙂 (And in case you’re wondering, they assured us all that their gramps is now a super fan of their music).

I love when artists tell stories about their lives and their art. It makes them so much more human.

Also, I was super lucky to have my two favorite T&S songs played in a row: Walking with A Ghost and So Jealous. Back to back. It was heaven. Of course, they played a lot of older stuff, which is my favorite (although I love their new cd too). And they were beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


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