Posted by: angelnorman | April 24, 2010

Rants from a woman on the edge… of a serious sugar binge.

Tonight I had my first unhealthy food item in a week’s time. It was the most glorious of things: an Oreo milkshake from Jack in the Box. Oh, how I love those milkshakes.

After having to keep the momentum going all week, you’d think Mike would be a little concerned that I requested it. Ironically though, he got himself one too and said nothing about the fact that we were drinking milkshakes; it was my request for a turkey sandwich an hour later that made him ask, “Why do you want to eat again?”

A few answers came to my mind.

“Shut up and make me a sandwich.”
“Are you freaking kidding me?”
“I’m sorry that a cup of salad and a milkshake didn’t quite cut it for me tonight.”

In the end, I went with a combination of all of the above as I launched into a tirade about how he had eaten a bowl of cereal and OMG I didn’t give him grief for it, and yada yada yada.

He was just wondering if we needed to eat more, you know, if I am feeling so unsatisfied. The truth is though I’ve been doing really well. I have been more than satisfied with my whole grains, my lack of red meat, and my fruits and veggies. I’m doing just fine with the diet I’m on now. But sometimes a girl just wants to splurge, you know? Especially when she’s PMS-ing. My advice to all men is to go with it. Chili cheese fries at 10 pm sounds a lot better than having your woman on the edge, don’t you think?

I felt so good about not having a burger tonight. I have been telling everyone that all I really want, to be honest, is a Big Mac. Everyone I’ve talked to today has said, “Angel, you can go have a burger! But make it a good burger and don’t waste your calories on a nasty ol’ Big Mac”. Everyone, you see, has been cheering me on thus far and they seemingly understand the need to occasionally have a little bit of what you actually want. But instead of going and using all of my day’s calories at one meal, I chose to have a turkey sandwich and a salad and THAT is what set Mike off. Sure, they were hours apart. But c’mon. I think I chose the healthier dinner. So what if I threw one milkshake in there?

It wasn’t one milkshake that got me here. It won’t be one milkshake that destroys me either. For the love of pete… it’s a turkey sandwich.

I’m the type of girl who would think nothing of eating fast food more than once in a day. I might have McD’s for lunch one afternoon and follow it up with dinner at Sonic. I mean, seriously, I’ve done that before. I did that last week, even. So I feel kinda good about the fact that I’ve been cooking and eating healthy meals all week. I am pretty sure I’m doing better than I ever have before in my entire life, even when I was thin.

Mike is so weird. I know it’s hard on him to change his eating habits AND be my coach in all things life-changing, but he should lighten up on me. I think he thinks I’m slipping, that I’m losing my momentum in this whole diet thing. Part of that is my fault ’cause I keep saying stuff like, “I would kill for a teaspoon of real sugar in my coffee” or “This baby better be the best damn baby in all of the world, because if it’s an a-hole, I will be so freakin’ mad that I denied myself french fries for its sake.” I know he hates when I’m cynical and moody and such, but I cannot help myself this week. Hormones are out of whack, I’m drugging myself with cold meds AND prescription drugs, and I keep salivating at the thought of a margarita. I mean, how does he expect me to act? I can’t put on that happy face and fake it till I make it everyday like he does. So sue me.

Plus, I’m limiting my nicotine intake. A pack is now lasting me over two days. (Woot woot). Also, we tried to switch to just caff-free products, and I got the WORST headache today that I’ve had in a long while. And maybe I’m a little grouchy because of all these sudden changes. Like.. maybe I curled up into a ball in my bed today and slept for hours while Mike took care of Nick and maybe I threatened to lay there until I die unless he bring me a REAL diet coke. You know, maybe I did that and that is what led to some of his frustration. Maybe.

Still, I’ve dropped at least 5 lbs in a week. I don’t know how healthy that is, but again, I am NOT starving myself. I am simply getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and eating healthier foods.

So, you know, if I want a milkshake followed by a freakin’ turkey sandwich (without mayo, mind you!) then I think I should have it. Without the side of drama.



  1. sometimes a girl just needs a oreo milkshake, or for me a chocolae dipped cone from McDonalds….dont beat yourself up girl….

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