Posted by: angelnorman | April 27, 2010

i’m only happy when i paint

Howdy, friends. I hope you’re enjoying this rainy but beautiful spring day as much as I am.

Last night I had coffee with a couple of friends and somehow in the course of the conversation, I managed to really psyche myself up about crafting. I stayed up really late last night turning these basic supplies:

into this lovely new office decor:

I am somewhat hooked on glass and birds lately. I don’t know what my issue is with birds, but I love them. Maybe I can blame spring for this newfound obsession of mine? After all, the best inspiration comes from Mother Nature herself, right? And of course you just can’t beat glass. It’s cheap (the cylinders above were $1 at my local Dollar Tree) and easy to decorate with. I simply added some scrapbook bird stickers to the tape/scissors holder and I decoupage the pencil holder with some matching scrapbook paper. I love the way it looks!

Note the fact that I removed my yucky cork board and painted its edges a dark gray. I also (finally!) framed and hung those prints I bought from The Black Apple a hundred years ago. I had originally bought them for the living room, hoping to add more color in my artwork. As it turns out, though, I’m not a huge fan of color in the living room decor. I’d rather have neutral furnishings, carpets, and -apparently- artwork and then pops of color in curtains, pillows, and wall color. I am very particular about how I decorate, for whatever reason.

The office is the only room in the house, though, that I just don’t give a crap about. I hate it. I hate my desk, my little work area, and my ugly office chair. I hate Mike’s desk and his big bulky fake leather chair that pops and creaks like it’s on its last leg. I hate the boxiness of the room, the layout, and the way it collects all our excess crap. I hate its lack of storage. In fact, I hate this room so much that I rarely even clean it, despite the fact that we spend quite a bit of our time here. Typically, my desk is littered with coke cans, coffee mugs, dirty dishes… and I don’t care one little bit. It’s only when I get sick of bumping my forearm into a plate or when I start having to stack coke cans that I even attempt to clean it up.

But you know, maybe that will all change now that I’ve started trying a little bit to make the room more… “me”. I find myself a little more invested in the space now that it reflects my personality a bit.

Now to make room for all the excess junk (papers, cds, etc) I removed from the shelves of my desk. Ick. I might just wait till tomorrow. It’s like my sister-in-law and I discussed the other day. A little bit at a time! You can only do so much in one day, you know.



  1. awesome, crafty mama….i love The Black Apple artwork, i want those pieces….have you ever thought of deco with fabric??? Hancock in the Boro has some really beautiful nature fabric right now… and some retro nature fabric too….good works sista

    • Thank you, Shea! The Black Apple Artwork is amazing. I love all of her stuff, but the girl and the piano and the girl and the bike were my faves. 🙂 I have never decoupaged with fabric, though I’ve seen it done plenty of times. I’m not a fabricky sort of girl since I don’t sew, and since I get most of my craft supplies from places like Wal-mart that no longer carry fabric. But I’m not opposed to doing more with fabric. In fact, I’m reaaaaalllllly wanting to re-cover my dumb desk chair. I just gotta figure out what fabric I want and possibly buy myself a staple gun. 😀

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