Posted by: angelnorman | April 30, 2010

Azaleas, Lilacs, and Granny.

Hello my pretties.

I’ve had a turbulent week, chocked full of all sorts of drama, and I’m ready for the weekend. Tomorrow is May Day- hard to believe that April is gone. It seems like just last week when I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of April 16th, and more specifically, that appointment to see the Fertility Specialist. But that’s come and gone and it has seemingly taken the rest of the month with it. Between the fertility junk and t-ball, I don’t feel like I’ve had a moment of peace.

Aren’t the flowers in the picture above so gorg? I love yellow and green together. It makes me so happy. Those are my neighbor’s azaleas. I have no flowers growing myself. I’m too afraid to plant anything for fear I might kill it. Instead I will just crush on my neighbor’s azalea from my front porch and wish I had some of my own to love. Also, I will keep dreaming about that huge lilac bush I’ve always wanted but have yet to buy and I’ve lived here for well over 5 years now.

Yesterday we woke up to brown water and a stopped up sink. The water didn’t have any yucky odor… it was just brownish in color and no amount of trying to flush the pipes was working. Mike got on the phone with the water company and learned that they were doing work in our area, which the lady said could be the explanation behind our suddenly mud-colored water, but that the standing water in our kitchen sink was more than likely a SEPTIC issue. Oh the nightmare that is a septic tank sometimes. We were super stressed, thinking we’d for sure have to call a plumber and have them come and flush out our septic system (which also hasn’t been done in the 5 years since we’ve moved in), and who has that kind of money? Not us. So Mike got the plunger and had me plunge the sink while he watched the septic pipe that we can access from our backyard to see if water was even leaving our house.

It wasn’t.

Two hours later, Mike was “snaking” the pipes with his dad’s plumbing snake, and all the sudden, something under our house goes, “Whoosh!” And all the water left the sink. Just like that. We ran some water to make sure the pipes were for real clear and not just teasing us. They were. Oh, and best of all, the water was starting to clear up. We turned on every faucet and did our part to NOT conserve any water until every faucet ran clear.

What a headache.

My friend Swift brought me and Mike both an iced coffee since of course we had yucky water and couldn’t make our own till about 5 minutes before she arrived. An entire morning without coffee– and in the midst of so much house chaos! I don’t know how we survived. I assume we were running on pure stress-turned-adrenaline. Maybe? It could happen.

I’ve been thinking so much about my Granny lately. I notice I think of her more when my life is chaotic, when I feel like things are stacked against me. I wonder why that is? I do miss her advice, and her warm way of just listening without being too critical. She was empathetic, you know, able to really feel my pain without blowing it off like it’s no big deal. Too many people blow things off these days. Have you noticed? She had a great way of being compassionately honest. Like, she would tell me to brush my hair because “it looks stringy” or pull down my shirt because she hated the way people’s clothes could look disheveled. But no matter how often she told me I wasn’t up to par in some way, I knew that she was only looking out for me. She was being honest AND showing me she cared in the process. Never once did she make me feel bad about myself, although I know some people remember her as sometimes harsh and tactless. She would never speak to those she loved out of harshness, unless of course they had it comin’. I miss that compassion of hers. I don’t know anyone who is the way she was… I know lots of people who have certain qualities of her. But all her good qualities in one person? I’ve never met another person like Granny. She was something special.

I think if Granny were here, she’d encourage me to paint my shutters and cover the deck, and fence in the yard. She’d probably give me an earful about how my deck looks “trashy”. And I wonder what she’d think about my lack of ferns? It wouldn’t be good.

But she’d be here, talking to me. And that would be nice, you know? ‘Cause sometimes I miss her so bad that I almost would rather have her back even if she didn’t know me than to not have her at all like now. I cannot believe she died 6 years ago… And still I mourn her. Still I miss that bond we shared. I’ve never had a bond like it since, and I’m guessing I never will.


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