Posted by: angelnorman | May 11, 2010

a happier post for once.

I’m not going to talk about the flood. Or about how it ruined my mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day. Or how it ruined 33 years of living in a house that was just the right amount of cozy for my grandmother. Or about how it filled my entire week with dirty river water clean-up and attempted furniture salvaging.

Instead, I’m going to talk about my own Mother’s Day… and the little boy that celebrated me.

Nicholas painted a picture frame, and drew a picture of himself giving me a flower with Roscoe and Chewie, which his teachers helped him put into the painted frame. The flower “he” is giving me looks an awful lot like a penis, but it’s still very sweet. I mean, I barely noticed. Mike, in a great effort to kill my joy (my guess is that he was a little jealous that HE wasn’t in the picture), decided to wait till Nicholas couldn’t hear and said, “Oh by the way, your flower looks like a penis!” I was really ticked that he had to point it out. It’s obvious Nicholas tried to go for a partially-blooming rose. I felt special regardless of what the flower looked like.

Who doesn’t like penis-shaped flowers anyways?

He also got me a real flower (a pink pansy) in a hand-painted pot. I am *this close* to killing it like everyday. I am trying really very hard to remember to water it, but I’m not good with things like that. I am pretty sure if it dies though, Nicholas will be devastated, so I’m giving it my best effort in order to not seem callous to my son, see.

He also listed out some things about me, with the help of his teachers because you know, he can’t read and write. Here is what he said:

  • My mother is “20” years old.
  • My mother is “50 feet” tall.
  • My mother weighs “in the middle”. (Good boy.)
  • My favorite thing to do with my mother is “sleep with mommy”. (cuddles!)
  • What does your mother do all day? “Works, sleeps, and watches tv.”
  • What does your mother say a lot? “I love you Nick”. (I sure do.)
  • My mother’s favorite food is “pizza”. (Fail)
  • My mother’s favorite tv show is “grown up movies”. (Before you think he is referring to movies that are adult in nature, please know that “grown up movies” are anything rated above a PG. If I think it’s too violent/scary/weird/whatever for Nick, I tell him it’s a grown up movie and that he can’t watch it. I do wonder what his teachers thought of me though. He may as well have said, “My mom likes porn.” Which I do not. Just for the record.)
  • Does your mother sing in the car? “Yes” (all. the. time.)
  • Can your mother dance? “We all like to dance”
  • Where does your mother work? “Works at home”.
  • How much do you love your mother? “So much” (Which I imagined he said like, “Sooooooo much!” ’cause that is what he tells me every day.)

Michael got me a new wallet, fixed our leaky toilet (more on this later) and bought me a sweet card in which he expressed his undying love. Actually, I believe the terms he used to describe my contributions as matriarch of this family was “immeasurable”.  What I do for he and Nick, he could not live without. Or something like that. I’m sure I will throw this card in his face whenever he gets pissy. “Don’t be such a jerk, Mike. My contributions are immeasurable, remember?”

Am I not the luckiest girl in the world though? I think so.



  1. I love it! Immeasurable, that’s an excellent description!

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