Posted by: angelnorman | June 8, 2010

wallace chip thurney.

Nicholas: I just burped in my cup and then I smelled it. It smells really good.

Nicholas: Why is Shaun’s daddy named Shaun too?
Me: Sometimes, Daddies like to name their little boys the same name, like we could’ve named you Michael Jay Norman, Jr., but Daddy wanted you to have your own name.
Nick: Well, you’re the one that had the baby.
Me: Are you saying I should’ve named you whatever I want since I had you?
Nick: Yes. And you should’ve named me Wallace.
Me: Wallace?
Nick: Wallace Chip Thurney. That is my new name.

Nick Wallace:  Sometimes when I eat something that tastes really good, it makes me want to cry. I feel a tear in my eye because these chicken nuggets are so good!

I feel ya, buddy. I have the same reaction to Chick-fil-a.


Prayers please for me. I had more blood work done last Wednesday, and my stinkin’ insulin level has not improved. In fact, it’s more elevated than the last time. My thyroid function test shows a good improvement though, so apparently the diet is working. I’m still down 8-10 lbs according to my scales, and I’m still dieting and trying to be a little more active from time to time. But I am a little worried about this insulin thing, cause you know, no one wants to have diabetes. So just say a little prayer that things will work themselves out for me. ❤


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