Posted by: angelnorman | June 9, 2010

The Normans love: Summertime

One day last summer, Nicholas and I ventured out to our local pool for the first time. Our little town boasts a town center with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, complete with diving boards, for a fairly affordable admissions price- $3 for adults, $2 for kids.  You really can’t beat a trip to the pool for $5, unless of course you or someone you know owns their own pool. We don’t know many folks with pools though, so our only options are the town center and the lake. Nick and I decided right away last summer that we’d spend a lot of our days poolside. The hotter it got, the more chlorine-logged we got.

And this summer is no different. We have been swimming at least 8 times already, and school’s only been out for a couple of weeks. 8 of 14 days sitting by the water. It’s been lovely and full of rapture. Nicholas, though he doesn’t know how to swim without his trusted floaties, is a little fish in the water. He has no real fear of jumping in or venturing to the deep end. He is a dedicated swimmer; he stays in even when he is shivering and tries his best to doggy paddle like a pro.

I hoped that this summer would bring lots of trips to different places, and it still may, if we budget properly. But so far, we’ve had a blast spending our days at the pool or playing outside. Every week, I look for an opportunity to do something a little different, to make sure that he gets to play, swim, and enjoy his summer… but I don’t feel like we’re having a lazy summer at all. We’re hardly indoors during the day, except for in the mornings and at meal times.

We’ve even thrown some education into the mix by “playing school”. I have to call it “playing school” so that he is excited about it. When he thinks I’m playing with him, he is more apt to learn and to hold on to what I say. Otherwise, he gets bored quickly. Today, for instance, we did math and NOT ONCE did he look away or give up or pout about “all this work”, which was his opinion of his homework at the end of the school year. We worked on the +1’s… like 5+1, 4+1, etc.  Then we turned to subtraction, 10-5, 5-3. He was really getting the hang of it.

I think he’s more into math and science, like his Daddy, than into reading and art like me. This doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve suspected this about Nick since he was a baby. He was always into destruction, figuring out how things worked, exploring new worlds like the world of insects, plants and animals, and he has always loved space. In fact, for about 6 months now, he’s been praying every night for people on other planets. “Dear God,” he’ll say, “Please take care of the people on other planets. Help them have a good day.” It’s hysterical, but also a little sweet.

So we do a lot more math and science-related stuff than we do reading and art, though today he did paint. It’s all about bugs, dinosaurs, space, and basic math around here. I’m hoping to have him adding and subtracting things less than 20 by the time August rolls around, and I’d like it very much if he could master telling time and working with money. He really enjoys board games like Life and Monopoly, but he has no concept of money (his idea of money is using a debit card- lol) so really, they’re way over his head. So that’s on my agenda of things to work with him on.

All in a day’s work… when we’re not at the pool, of course.


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