Posted by: angelnorman | July 7, 2010

coconut vanilla- what, what

yesterday i got a package in the mail from bath and body works. i had almost forgotten i ordered some anti-bacterial soaps from them when they were on sale last week 6 for $20.

i’ve recently become obsessed with their summer vanillas line, particularly the coconut one. it is the perfect pick-me-up scent mixed with lotion that actually moisturizers for more than a minute. i wear it all the time, and i always get compliments. once, i was sitting at the park with a couple of friends and they were talking, etc, so i slipped out my lotion and started putting it on my hands and my flip-flopped feet. A few minutes goes by, and they’re all, “What is that delicious smell?”

“me,” i said. and then i had to share my lotion.

when i was checking in at the doctors’ office the last time i was there, the receptionist was like, “i love your perfume.”

“it’s not perfume; it’s lotion. but thanks.”

“it’s the perfect scent,” she said. “it’s light and summery.”

indeed it is. a little later, i went for labs, and the lab technician, bless her heart (and i say that because she saw me crying and was loving on me as best she could without physically wrapping herself around me), was all ga-ga for the coconut vanilla lotion too. “is it bath and body works?” she asked. so,  i pulled it out and showed her and we talked about how the scent of their lotions last all day.

so i ordered 6 bottles of coconut vanilla anti-bac soap and they arrived via mail yesterday. first, i love getting mail- it’s like christmas every time. second- i am in heaven, and probably seem like i’m getting OCD with the hand washing because i love any excuse to have to use the soap. i want my whole house to smell of coconut vanilla!

oh, and get this, i didn’t get to finish my laundry yesterday after all because i ran out of detergent. so i guess it’ll just have to wait… what a shame.



  1. YUMMMMM 2 of my favorite scents, together at last…i think i am gonna go tomorrow….but i am blaming any splurges on you

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