Posted by: angelnorman | August 8, 2010

ah the joys of the stay-at-home life

Friday morning, thanks to my BFF Kristi, I landed a babysitter for Saturday night. I had just learned the day before that my cousin Davey’s band was coming from Chattanooga to Smyrna (!) to play at 7 pm on Saturday, and how could I resist a concert so close to home?! Kristi welcomed the idea of having my boy over as a distraction for her son while she worked on a paper that is due Sunday night. We all know that a lot of the time, kids cancel one another out… they sort of babysit one another in fifteen minute spurts where they’re actually getting along and playing what the other one wants to play and watching what the other one wants to watch… and we as parents might actually get 20 minutes to work on things we need to get done. I was thankful to have a friend offer to watch him… and for it to be overnight! Yipee.

So I took Kristi’s son with me on Friday night, thinking, you know, it’s only fair. She was going to have my kid for a night so maybe I should give her a break and take her kid so she can work extra hard on her homework.

I brought the boys home and somehow along the way, had made the mistake of saying that they could sleep in sleeping bags like they were camping… and before I knew what was going on, Mike and I were setting up the tent in the kitchen. The full, four-person sized tent. In my kitchen. It essentially swallowed my dining room whole. But the boys loved it.

Until bedtime.

Then every noise of the icemaker was terrifying. Every creak of the kitchen floor beneath them? Horrific! They heard a pop, a creak, a sound like someone clapping. “Ghost are real,” I heard Kameron tell Nick. “I’ve seen it on Ghost Hunters!” Nick was full-fledged crying in my lap at 11 pm and Kameron was standing near me, quietly deciding if he was going to be able to sleep over or if he needed to go back to his non-scary home.

They eventually settled and I kept reassuring them that no ghost were going to come, that no monsters were real, and that no bears (seriously, bears?) lived anywhere near us nor could they come into our house.

Without being invited.

They fell asleep by midnight. I was exhausted!

Fast forward to Saturday. I had just come back home from Kristi’s and was getting ready, doing my nails, styling my hair… So ready for the concert and my kid free night!

And then Mike said the words no wife wants to hear when she’s all ready to go: “I feel sick.”

I was so upset. No diet coke in the house, no husband to go out with. No desire to go out by myself.

Then I decided to adjust that bad attitude. I’ve been complaining for weeks about having no personal space. Mike is here at home 24/7. Nick is here at home 24/7 except when he stays with a grandparent. I am here, with them and three dogs, 24/7. Sometimes I just want my house to myself! Sometimes I just want Mike to say, “You know what? Let’s go out just me and you Nick!” and leave me with the dogs and an iCarly marathon on DVR. Or a new book. Or magazine. Or a knitting project!

Finally I had time to myself to do whatever I wanted! Mike was asleep. He wouldn’t be on the other end of the couch saying, “No iCarly! Let’s watch Criminal Minds!” He and Nick wouldn’t be able to share a pizza with me so I could get mushrooms and black olives and things they hated on half of the pizza at least! So I got in my pj’s and ordered a pizza. I settled on the couch, grabbed the remote, and started flipping through my selection of Carly episodes. Woohoo! Time to myself!!!

Literally ten minutes into iCarly, my cell rang. It was Nick, via Kristi’s phone. “Mommy, I want to come home. I miss you.” Kristi agreed to bring him in an hour. I hung my head. Nooooooooo. I was so close to enjoying myself!

But I still had an hour! I stopped iCarly and started watching Pretty Woman. Hey… sometimes I need girly movies to offset all the crime dramas.

Five minutes later? Mike woke up and sat on the couch with some chicken noodle soup. “Let’s watch Criminal Minds.”

Son of a…

I finally did get to watch all my iCarly episodes after both my boys went to bed. It’s just such a shame to me that I have to stay up till the wee hours of the morning to get any free time. People are always getting on to me for not sleeping right. Sometimes I would rather stay up, even if I’m exhausted, and try to find enjoyment in something than to go to bed and never get at least a few minutes where my kid isn’t asking for something and my husband isn’t all up in my personal space.

Or where Chewie isn’t in my lap. Or Roscoe snoring underneath me. Or where Alex isn’t being… Alex.

Still, how could I resist those three little words: “I miss you.” How could I deny him and tell him to suck it up when really, I missed him the moment I drove away from Kristi’s house? How could I not want him at home with me, no matter how exhausted and in need of me-time I am?

And how could I not be thankful for a husband that likes being with me?

Or dogs who follow me around?

Just when I think I’m going to snap, I’m reminded I’m loved. And that, really, is all I need.

(Even if I could use a massage and a nap.)


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