Posted by: angelnorman | August 9, 2010

lunchably delicious

for my first off to kindergarten post, i thought i’d share some of my lunch menu items. as of right now, we don’t know how nick’s teacher will be doing her snack time, so i’m including possible snack options for nick only. if the teacher asks us to bring enough snack for the whole class, i will probably end up using the snacks i list as sides for our lunch instead.

main course:

peanut butter and jelly rolls (wraps)/sandwich
deli sliced turkey sandwich/wrap
turkey, ham, or pepperoni slices with sliced cheese and whole wheat ritz crackers

sides (pick 2):

snap peas
orange slices
pretzel sticks
string cheese


whole wheat goldfish crackers
an oreo cookie

i’m trying to make our lunches less predictable. i told nick the other day that i know he has to get sick of just eating pb&j or just crackin’ open a lunchable, so i asked him for some ideas for his lunch. when he seemed confused, i explained to him that i was going to need to send him a well-rounded lunch since he wouldn’t be able to “graze” all day like he does at home. i said i would need to send him a sandwich, a couple of things to go on the side like chips or apples, and a snack like a little debbie cake- oatmeal creme pies are his fave- or something. he said, “how about you send me a sandwich, an apple, a banana, and some cheese?” i was really proud of his good choices, but i can’t send those things every single day or he’ll burn out on them. so i made this list in hopes that i can 1) have some ideas and not find myself freaking out about an unbalanced diet and 2) prompt myself to keep these things in stock so i’m not running to wal-mart at 5 am trying to find stuff to send my kid for lunch.

we could possibly start kindergarten tomorrow! i’m so super stoked.


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