Posted by: angelnorman | August 11, 2010

Kindergarten, pt 2

6 am- Wake up, feed Nick, feed me, let the dogs out, dress Nick, pack lunch
7 am- leave house
7:15 am- walk Nick into school. reassure him that he’s okay when he says he’s not. tell him that i’ll miss him too. take gratuitous amounts of pictures, even forcing Mrs. M to participate in my craziness.
7:30 am- leave school and say “No thanks” to the Boohoo Breakfast– not sure I can force a smile, not even for free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.
8 am- Want. to. die. because of realization that my kid is now officially a school-aged kid. Smoke lots of cigarettes.
8:30 am- Wonder what Nick is doing now.
9 am- Incredibly bored. Upload pics to facebook. Call mom and tell her to look at Nick’s pics on FB.
9:15 am- Wonder what he’s doing now.
10 am- Think that 11 AM can’t come soon enough.
10:45 am- 10:55 am- leave house, arrive at school, and join car riders’ line.
11 am- Nick is dismissed and heads to the car, a smile on his face.
11:01 am- Nick hops into car and says, “School is pretty cool” without being prompted to tell us about his day.
11:02 am- Fight back the tears because he loved it so much, just as I knew he would.

Our first half day went amazingly well.

Spent rest of the day thanking God for getting me through it.


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