Posted by: angelnorman | August 12, 2010

Seeing you grow.

Your first day of school was in August of 2008. You were headed to a local Mom’s Day Out program, aka Tuesday/Thursday school. I was so nervous about sending you off to school for that first time, mainly because up until then, you had spent all of your days with me watching over you, taking care of you, and teaching you to do various things. For the first time ever, I was releasing you to the world, entrusting you to the care of someone else.

Then a couple of days after your first day, you got very sick. So sick in fact that you had to have a surgery. You were out of school for two weeks, spending nine whole days in the hospital. Your second first day of school was celebrated after your recovery, in September of 2008.

It was bittersweet. You had already changed so much, in just one month.

You turned four that year. You attended the Creative Learning Center at Lifepoint, and you loved your teachers, Mrs. Shelly and Mrs. Ruthie.

Your first day of Pre-Kindergarten, a 4-day program at the CLC, was in August of 2009.

Look how much older you looked in just that one year! You had a great year in preschool, learned all kinds of things, and loved your teachers Mrs. Janice and Mrs. Christy so very much. You graduated Pre-K in May of 2010 and got high marks from your teachers in all areas.

And then we celebrated your next biggest milestone: your first day of kindergarten.

Watching you grow so fast is bittersweet, Nicholas. On one hand, I terribly miss you as a baby. I miss holding you till you fell asleep and being able to carry you around on my hip. I miss singing you lullabies and watching Max and Ruby with you. Sometimes I miss bathing you, changing your diaper, massaging you in baby lotion and snuggling you after a bath. On the other hand though, I love the boy you’ve become so much that I would never want to change you. I enjoy seeing all the things you can do… listening to you sound out the letters in a word in an attempt to read; watching your face light up when we play the Wii together; talking to you about your day and about your dreams, fears, and thoughts on the world around you. I am more often than not thankful that you can wash yourself, that you can feed and clothe yourself, and that you no longer require a diaper 🙂 Mostly though, I just love seeing you grow and change before my very eyes, guiding you to do the right thing, and encouraging in you an appetite for learning and for living. I’m just so darn happy to be your mama.

I couldn’t be more proud of you, baby.




  1. I cannot believe how much older he looks! I mean, he really looks like a kindergartener!!!!!!! I’m tearing up.

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